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1. Chapter 1: Checking In by Cryptile [Reviews - 9] (1996 words)
My first attempt at a mulit-part story, once again posted to time_and_chips -- thanks again to the kind readers there.

The timeframe for this story is between The Doctor Dances and Boom Town.

2. Chapter Two: Familiarizing Yourself With Our System by Cryptile [Reviews - 3] (3096 words)
This is the part of the fic where I started to realize why so many other authors like Jack.

3. Chapter Three: The Requested File Is Not In Circulation by Cryptile [Reviews - 2] (2525 words)

4. Chapter Four: Defining Your Search Parameters by Cryptile [Reviews - 4] (3125 words)
And the plot slowly begins to rear its hoary head. Hah.

5. Chapter Five: The Library Intranet Is For Patrons Only by Cryptile [Reviews - 3] (2527 words)
If I ever do write a conventional 'shipper fic, the phrase "limpid brown pools" will occur no less than four times.

6. Chapter Six: Please Respect the Library and Other Guests by Cryptile [Reviews - 2] (3067 words)
Having worked in both libraries and in facilities departments, this chapter is particularly close to my heart. No, wait. What's the organ that produces bile?

7. Chapter Seven: Food and Drinks Are Not Allowed In the Stacks by Cryptile [Reviews - 2] (1747 words)

8. Chapter Eight: Meet Your Friendly Library Staff by Cryptile [Reviews - 0] (1646 words)
Forgive me Father, I have sinned. I have attempted to write fanfic around the phrase "They're coming outta the goddammed walls!"

9. Chapter Nine -- The System Is Down by Cryptile [Reviews - 1] (1848 words)
Thanks to Wikipedia and A History of the Universe. Dedicated to elbales, wherever this may find her.

10. Chapter Ten: Unauthorized Usage of Library Materials May Result in Heavy Fines by Cryptile [Reviews - 2] (3319 words)
Working out the kinks. This one's got some icky bits. You were warned.

11. Chapter Eleven: See Reference Section by Cryptile [Reviews - 5] (3132 words)
Eleven chapters. Dear god. How much longer will anyone put UP with this monster?!
Thanks as always to wmr, elbales, and dark_aegis on time_and_chips, and also to the long-suffering types here like Emery Board and drox and ponygirl.

12. Chapter Twelve -- The Book Drop Is for After-Hours Returns by Cryptile [Reviews - 3] (3504 words)

13. Chapter Thirteen: Help Us To Better Serve Your Needs by Cryptile [Reviews - 1] (3365 words)
Week from hell. Editing this one was a monster. And god, even I don't like ventilation shafts this much.

14. Chapter Fourteen: Due Notice by Cryptile [Reviews - 1] (4816 words)
This is the bit with the talking. Author not responsible for injuries related to huge chunks of exposition flying off and striking reader.

15. Chapter Fifteen: Adult Section by Cryptile [Reviews - 5] (3306 words)
Thanks to: wmr, dark_aegis, nostalgia, ponygirl, Emery_Board, aervir, and a bunch of others I've momentarily forgotten to name for writing sufficiently kickass fic that I got off my o'erworked duff and wrote again.
And thanks to elbales, because she is nice.

16. Chapter Sixteen: Historical Biographies, 920 by Cryptile [Reviews - 4] (5243 words)

17. Chapter Seventeen: Unruly Patrons Will Be Asked To Leave by Cryptile [Reviews - 5] (1925 words)
Back in the saddle. This chapter dedicated to elbales, wmr, tempest and Emery Board for their helpful reviews, constructive criticism and patience. Also because they're probably the only four people still reading this beast at this point.

18. Chapter Eighteen: No Running In the Library Halls by Cryptile [Reviews - 6] (2473 words)
The good news is, big chunks of Past Due got themselves written. This . . . is a short bit.

Dedicated to They Who Endure.

19. Chapter Nineteen -- Excuse Our Mess by Cryptile [Reviews - 8] (5691 words)
Hey, remember this? The long pointless story? It's back!

Apologies to everyone who (inexplicably) reads this thing. It has been a cruel summer. Well, not really. But thanks for sticking with it, and hopefully I'll crank the last four or so out before October or the heat death of the Universe. You guys are wonderful and thanks for your support, comments, criticism and patience.

This particular chapter dedicated to Emery Board and to wmr, who seems disheartened in regard to the absence of the good Captain from S2. I shall endeavor to supply a Jack Attack.

20. Chapter Twenty -- Overdue Fines by Cryptile [Reviews - 10] (3627 words)
. . . this is the part where I hang my head and mumble profuse apologies.

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