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Who's scared of the Big Bad Wolf? by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 61] Printer Chapter or Story

1. I create myself by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 7] (10591 words)
Despite what it may at first look like, this is actually not going to be totally AU. Hope youíll enjoy it; let me know what you think!

Disclaimer - applies to this and any subsequent chapters: Nothing belongs to me. I own nothing and no one and Iím not getting any money for this.

Pairing: Doctor/Rose (as if that wasnít obvious)

2. The good die young by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 7] (9721 words)
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money being made. Thanks for all the lovely comments both on whofic.com and fanfiction.net! Thank you ever so much! Hope you enjoy this next chapter. I hope you enjoy this chapter and I would always love any and all reviews. Let me know your thoughts!

3. How far we've come by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 3] (14474 words)
Woohoo! Sorry it took a while to write; this is for my birthday! Disclaimers apply as above!

A big thank you to all my lovely reviewers. This chapter is dedicated to you all! It's my birthday on the 4th June, so I'm gonna hold off on reading reviews until then :)

So, please leave me lots of feedback and criticism! I am particularly unsure about Mickey's characterisation, so any hints and tips would be well appreciated. I tried to show his growth thus far and yet show that he'd still got ways to go to become a 'Defender of the Earth'.

4. Counting the memories by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 1] (7158 words)
Dedicated to UniversalBeat and Dreamcatcher!

We're starting to move the storyline a bit and as of now other Rose/Doctor Moments will be flashback after this chapter and it will be more Rose-centric.

5. Goodbye by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 1] (3428 words)
I think we all know this one; it's a goodbye. Disclaimer as above.

6. The golden Rose by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 3] (8440 words)
Thsi chapter is dedicated to my fabulous, wonderful (and only) reviewer: Dreamcatcher! You're brilliant!

Disclaimer: This chapter is emotionally upsetting and more violent and contains genocide.

7. Rose by any other name by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 3] (11815 words)
Dedication to my beta and inspiration, Don't-blink-doctor-rose, and my one and only reviewer, Dreamcatcher!

No warnings aside from emotional, tug-at-your-heartstrings kind of warnings.

8. Goodbye, Sarah-Jane by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 1] (14187 words)
Hiya! This chapter is dedicated to my one and only reviewer, Dreamcatcher. I would love to hear from everyone else again as well, if you are still reading this.
Disclaimer: Angst and drama

9. Let me be your light by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 2] (14350 words)
Big thanks to my two reviewers, Naceera and Dreamcatcher - this one is dedicated to you both! I hope you enjoy it, even if it didn't quite turn out as intended. Instead of furthering the plot, the flashback lasted for the entire chapter... Thank you both - please keep reviewing and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this chapter.

10. Don't worry about the Silence by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 3] (9716 words)
This chapter is dedicated to my brilliant beta reader, The Clever Doctor, who gave me the inspiration and came up with the right enemy for this chapter - Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This chapter is also dedicated to my reviewers both old - Dreamcatcher - thank you, just, thank you! - and new, Naceera and Masterpwn!

Sorry, had to rewrite most of this chapter after some research into actual real-life methods. Hope you enjoy the end result.

Warning: Creepy & Violence

11. There's a hole in the world by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 4] (11188 words)
Dedicated to Masterpwn and Dreamcatcher - you're both fabulous! I'd love to hear what you think of this chapter.

This chapter is entirely from the Doctor's point of view, throughout both Martha's and Donna's time on the ship with him.

12. The Stolen Earth by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 4] (15355 words)
This is dedicated to my beta and my reviewers, Dreamcatcher, strem1984, Masterpwn and Naceera! Thank you guys, you're brilliant!

13. Journey's End by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 3] (20178 words)
This chapter is dedicated to my four reviewers - Dreamcatcher, strem1984, RaziOUAT and Naceera.

Check out Clockwork Rose - a tea / candy store with a fireplace!

Just to avoid confusion, this chapter starts with the reunion from the Doctor's POV. Would love to hear what you think of this chapter! Next one will come faster with more reviews!

14. Facets of Love by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 6] (16727 words)
My characterisation of Martha required rather a lot more work than initially anticipated; my apologies for the delay.

A big shout out to my two reviewers - strem1984 and Dreamcatcher! You are both brilliant and this big ball of fluffy romance of a chapter is for you both!

15. Abandon all hope by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 6] (17010 words)
New Reviewers, yay! This chapter is dedicated to all of you fabulous reviewers: Naceera, falconwing, sapph89, strem1984 and Dreamcatcher! Thank you!

Warning: You'll probably hate me by the end of this chapter. Remember, 11th Doctor is yet to come though.

16. Last night on Earth by PepperonyOwl [Reviews - 7] (19467 words)
Merry Christmas or other celebration to everyone. I hope you all get to spend this time with your loved ones and wish you all the best.

This is dedicated to my faithful reviewers - and new ones: strem1984

Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in getting this to you. I hope the smoochies in this chapter make up for it *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Have fun!

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