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Ninth Doctor
Boxers or Briefs by Daylight [Reviews - 5] Printer
Author's Notes:
This idea came to me and I thought it would make a good drabble. First drabble. First Doctor Who fic. Remember nothing belongs to me not even the shorts.

A tumultuous crashing of out of control footsteps and incensed yelling was making its way along the Tardis corridors in the direction of Rose Tyler. It soon metamorphosed into the figure of Captain Jack Harkness as he nearly careened into her.

Tossing something in her direction, he cried “Present for you,” his voice fading as he disappeared.

Rose was peripherally aware of more racing footsteps approaching as she unfolded the bundle in her hands.

It was a pair of boxer shorts, white boxers with little red question marks.

She looked up.

The glare greeting her could have fried a Dalek.
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