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1. Dilemmas by anunearthlydalek [Reviews - 2] (281 words)
The Doctors are talking about the episodes they are stuck in

One is in "An Unearthly Child"
Two is in "The Mind Robber"
Three is in "Terror of the Autons"
Four is in "Pyramids of Mars"
Five is anywhere before "Earthshock"
Six is in the "Trial of a Time Lord"
Seven is in "Remembrance of the Daleks"
Eight is in "The Movie"
War is in the early bit of "Day of the Doctor"
Nine is in "The Empty Child:
Ten is in "Journey's End"
Eleven is in "Hide.

2. Five/Tegan by anunearthlydalek [Reviews - 0] (200 words)

3. Jelly Babies by anunearthlydalek [Reviews - 0] (137 words)

4. An Unearthly Child by anunearthlydalek [Reviews - 0] (123 words)
If you don't understand why everyone is so paranoid of Gallifrey is because the First Doctor would get reprimanded, the Fourth Doctor just came back from the torture episode that was "The Deadly Assassin", and the Fifth Doctor just came back from "Arc of Infinity", where he was falsely accused of murder.

5. The End of Time by anunearthlydalek [Reviews - 0] (114 words)

6. Caramelldansen by anunearthlydalek [Reviews - 1] (117 words)
This one was actually rather difficult to choose. I asked my friend what I should make this one about, and...well...see for yourselves.

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