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Tenth Doctor
Lost by Casanova [Reviews - 1] Printer
Author's Notes:
This poem is mine, written by me, written from (as I am sure you have guessed) from the Doctor's point of view. I still haven't got over Rose, and will probably do a sequel called "Found." The poem's title is the same as the story title.

"My Rose would never truly be gone
Her brilliance in death still shone
Her life was utterly unfair
But in my heart she's always there.

The terrible sacrifice she made
That I have not yet repayed,
Though in life she has been lost
I will never forget what it had cost.

If there were anything I could do for her
I would, certainly, concur.
But the thought of this makes me cry
For before she told me, she had to die.

No, she is not really dead.
But it's like something I once said:
'If someone's never coming back
And in your heart they've left a crack
Perhaps it had been left unsaid
But surely they're as good as dead?'

The fantastic, brilliant, cool Rose Tyler
Who was a wonderful, wide mouthed smiler
Has left me all alone again
I am lonely, without a friend."

Rose stands there, motionless, staring at the Doctor's familiar scrawl. A teardrop finds its way down her cheek and drops onto the cover. More follow as she replays the poem in her mind.

"But in my heart she's always there."

At the very top of the page, she catches sight of a word written in different handwriting to the Doctor's. As she reads it, shock spreads over her. The word reads, "Spoilers".
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