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We Are Gathered Here Today... by Sistine [Reviews - 0] Printer
Author's Notes:
Sorry this is a bit late - got caught up in other things...

Ianto opened the door and looked out of the TARDIS. “We’re in Wales,” he said in surprise. Of all the places in the universe, he hadn’t expected that.

“What?” Jack peeked over Ianto’s shoulder as he slid his arms around his partner’s waist. “Why would we be in Wales?”

“Because it’s Ianto’s home,” the Master Tailor stated, coming to stand behind both of them. “It’s where he grew up, and where I’ve lived for so long.” The last few words were wistful.

Ianto gave his father a sad smile, understanding what was going through his head. He knew that the Time Lord would like the wedding to be on Gallifrey - from the stories Ianto had heard, there would have been some wonderfully spectacular locations - but they couldn’t go there for obvious reasons. “It’s perfect, Tad.”

Jack glanced between the two men. “Where exactly are we?”

“In the hills above the village where I was born,” Ianto replied. “Tad used to take me up here a lot when I was younger and told me stories about the wonders of the universe.” They had been wonderful times and he had missed them when they had moved to Newport.

“In that case…” Jack let go of Ianto, then moved past him out onto the grass. After a few seconds, he turned and held a hand out to his lover. “I would be very pleased to accompany you to your wedding.”

A chuckle escaped from Ianto at the cheesy line but he played along anyway. “I would be honoured.” He took Jack’s hand and let himself be led from the TARDIS.

“And you two wonder why I think your relationship is cute,” Dafydd Jones commented as he followed the pair, a big grin on his face. He had dressed for the occasion, and even had a top hat to match his tuxedo (complete with tails). In that respect, he was much more formal than the other two men.

“No, we don’t,” Ianto muttered to Jack, eliciting a quiet laugh from his lover. Speaking a little louder, he asked his father, “So how many people are we expecting?”

The Master Tailor shrugged. “It depends on who the Doctor brings.”

“Don’t we need someone to marry us?” Jack queried. Most wedding ceremonies he had attended had some sort of celebrant.

“Not necessarily.” Mr. Jones spun around in a circle, looking for the best spot for the ceremony. “On Gallifrey, there was a particular ceremony that could be done if the couple didn’t want a fuss or couldn’t find anyone to marry them. I thought we could do it that way, unless you want to use a traditional Boeshane wedding, Jack?”

“Whatever Ianto wants is fine with me,” Jack replied; he didn’t know if he could remember enough of his home planet’s traditions to make it valid.

Ianto turned around, noting that the TARDIS had taken on the form of a large tree. And that his father had left the door open. “Tad.” He nodded towards the time ship.

Mr. Jones looked in that direction. “Whoops.” He jogged back and closed the door. “That would have been awkward if anyone had come along.”

Jack chuckled; Ianto’s father definitely reminded him of the Doctor at times. Speaking of which… “So, do you think the Doctor will arrive on time for once?”

As if on cue, there was a grinding noise and a blue police box materialised next to the tree. A few seconds later, a young man came bounding out of the time ship. It was obvious that this was the new regeneration of the Doctor just from observing the boundless energy and strange fashion sense. “Am I late? Did I miss it?”

“You’re just in time,” the Master Tailor stated while mentally rolling his eyes; really, how old was the Doctor?

“Good, good.” The Doctor came to a sudden stop right in front of Jack and his expression changed into a solemn one just as quickly. “Before you get married, I’d like to apologise for my previous regeneration. Tact really wasn’t his strong suit.”

“Has it ever been?” Ianto couldn’t help interjecting; okay, so he had still some lingering resentment towards the Doctor over his treatment of Jack. He would get over it eventually.


“Good point,” the Doctor said, spinning around to face the half-Time Lord. “So you’re Ianto Jones, the one who caught Jack. Always figured that that person, alien, whatever, would have to be something special and you are. Well done, you.”

Ianto didn’t have a chance to respond to that before the Doctor was turning back to Jack. “Anyway, I’m seeing you through new eyes - literally - and I was wrong to say that you were wrong.”

Jack knew that was the best apology he would get, regardless of the regeneration. “Apology accepted.” He gathered the Doctor into a big bear hug. “So, how long has it been?”

“About six months or so,” the Time Lord replied, returning the hug briefly before worming his way out of it. “Got two new Companions, Amy Pond and her husband, Rory. Well, soon-to-be-husband. Dropped them off on Venice - the planet, not the city - for an early honeymoon or something like that.”

“You could have brought them here,” Jack stated, moving back to stand next to Ianto and capturing his lover’s right hand in his left. “We wouldn’t have minded.”

The Doctor glanced at the joined hands and smiled inside. Despite his tendency to obliviousness, he knew that Jack would have had long periods of time when he was lonely, much like himself. He was so pleased that Jack had found someone like Ianto who loved the immortal for who he was. “Let’s just say that I didn’t want to share this.”

The Master Tailor understood that. “Well, shall we get started then?”

“Wait!” The Doctor looked at the soon-to-be newlyweds. “What about Earth tradition? Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

“I think we can fulfil those requirements,” Ianto said with a smug smile. “Jack is old…”

“Ianto is new…” Jack added, seeing where his partner was going with this.

“Your TARDIS is ‘borrowed’…” Mr. Jones continued.

“And Jack’s coat is blue,” Ianto finished. He could have said the TARDIS but he wanted to go for something more personal.

The Doctor nodded, appeased by the untraditional way of fulfilling the tradition. “Someone to perform the wedding? I assume it will be Gallifreyan,” he said next.

“I was hoping that you would,” the Master Tailor replied, “as I’m father of one of the grooms.” Besides, he wasn’t really dressed for the occasion. Not that the other Time Lord was either but there wasn’t any other choices. “And, yes.”

Raising his eyebrows in surprise, the eleventh Doctor felt pleased at being asked. “I‘d be honoured to conduct the wedding.” He ran his mind through the Gallifreyan ceremonies that he remembered and came up with one that was suitable. “Alrighty, we’ll need a piece of cloth about a metre long.”

Dafydd Jones pulled the item - light blue in colour - from his trouser pocket and handed it over to the other Time Lord.

The Doctor took it and gestured to the two other men. “Wind this around one hand each but don’t let it meet in the middle,” he instructed. He waited until Jack and Ianto had done so before continuing. “It is a joyous occasion when two souls decide to become one. It is not a state that is entered into lightly and requires a deep commitment. By standing here, you display that commitment for all to see.”

“All four of us,” Jack muttered under his breath only to receive three glares for interrupting the speech. “Sorry.”

“Do you both have permission to be wed?” The Doctor looked towards the Master Tailor.

“I consent and freely give,” Mr. Jones replied. Not that he could stop Ianto, nor did he want to.

Jack thought it a strange part of the ceremony but went along with it anyway. “Neither of my parents are still alive but I’m sure they would have no objections.”

Ianto wished he could reach out and comfort Jack; time had healed most of the pain from their loss but not all of it. Instead, he just gazed at his partner with sympathy in his expression.

“Jack Harkness, do you promise to love and honour your partner, taking no-one else into your heart, as long as you both shall live?” the Doctor asked.

Forever was a long time but Jack was determined to be only with Ianto until the younger man either died or grew tired of him. “I do.”

“Ianto Jones, do you promise to love and honour your partner, taking no-one else into your heart, as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.”

The Doctor grinned, knowing the truthfulness of their statements. “Do either of you have a ring or something you wish to give your partner?” Gallifreyans always gave the other some sort of token as a symbol of their relationship but it didn’t have to be a ring.

Ianto looked towards his father, who dug into his pocket and pulled out a small black velvet box. He threw it to the Doctor, hoping the Time Lord could catch.

He could. The Doctor opened the box to reveal two silver rings engraved with Gallifreyan symbols meaning ‘entwined’ and ‘eternity’. He thought they were two very appropriate words for this relationship. “Very good. Ianto, if you would take one…?” He figured that the young man would know which ring was meant to belong to him.

Ianto did as he was told and picked out the ring he intended for Jack.

The Doctor then pulled the psychic paper out of his jacket pocket and handed it to Ianto. “Say these words,” he instructed.

Taking the paper, Ianto quickly read and memorised the vow written there. He gave the paper back to the Doctor before looking directly into Jack’s eyes. “I give you this ring as an expression of my love for you and my commitment to our life together.” Then he placed the ring on the fourth finger of Jack’s left hand, his own hand only shaking very slightly.

Jack took the other ring and repeated the vow before copying Ianto’s actions. Though his hands didn’t shake, he was feeling somewhat nervous because he was committing a very big amount of his life to the one person and this meant more to him than anything else.

“Your commitment towards each other has been witnessed and approved, therefore I pronounce you married. You may kiss each other,” the Doctor said with a smug grin.

As Ianto and Jack kissed with an intensity that was not usual at weddings, the Doctor stepped back to talk to the other Time Lord. “Do you think we should give them some privacy?”

“Oh yes,” Mr. Jones replied. He had lived with the lovebirds for some time now and knew of their tendency for extended ‘private time’. “They’re likely to be quite a while.”

“In that case, I would like to catch up,” the Doctor said with some eagerness. He gestured towards his TARDIS. “Shall we?”

“Certainly.” He would love to hear about the Doctor’s adventures and share some of his own.

As the two Time Lords headed into the police box, Jack and Ianto ended the kiss, both heavily aroused. “So, how close are we to civilisation?” Jack asked, a twinkle in his eyes.

“I’m not having sex outdoors, Jack,” Ianto reprimanded his husband. The hills might seem uninhabited but one never knew who could be out hiking.

“Please?” Jack pleaded, turning on his most puppy-dog expression.

Ianto felt himself beginning to gave and then he had an idea. He grabbed Jack’s hand and led him towards his father’s TARDIS. “I’m pretty sure there’s a forest somewhere in here,” he stated as he opened the door. “Will that satisfy your sense of being outdoors?”

“As long as you’re there, I’m sure I’ll be fully satisfied,” Jack replied with a smirk.

“Oh, you will be,” Ianto promised. “You will be.”

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