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A Mysterious Customer by Primsong [Reviews - 7] Printer Chapter or Story

1. Chapter 21 by Primsong [Reviews - 2] (2678 words)
While this UNIT family era tale can essentially stand on its own, I would recommend the gentle reader give consideration to the preceding three ‘episodes’ of the series, whose events and characters are occasionally referenced. Numbering of the chapters proceeds, as with a season, throughout the story arc. I hope you enjoy the ride.

2. Chapter 22 by Primsong [Reviews - 0] (2096 words)
Some spies are more unobtrusive than others.

3. Chapter 23 by Primsong [Reviews - 1] (2297 words)
Which is worse, dragons or red tape?

4. Chapter 24 by Primsong [Reviews - 2] (2278 words)
Uncharacteristically over the top.

5. Chapter 25 by Primsong [Reviews - 0] (2053 words)
What's causing it? Oh no, not that.

6. Chapter 26 by Primsong [Reviews - 0] (1803 words)
The problem surfaces, but so does something on the telly.

7. Chapter 27 by Primsong [Reviews - 0] (2396 words)
A rather strange drive, and a shabby destination.

8. Chapter 28 by Primsong [Reviews - 0] (2469 words)
A certain bearded individual arrives, with his pet.

9. Chapter 29 by Primsong [Reviews - 0] (3078 words)
Lost and found.

10. Chapter 30 by Primsong [Reviews - 0] (2855 words)
"I'm beginning to think we're just a holiday stopover for any hostile alien going past."

11. Chapter 31 by Primsong [Reviews - 0] (2861 words)
No one ever abandoned agreements with the Master. Well, nearly no one.

12. Chapter 32 by Primsong [Reviews - 1] (2997 words)
It's prudent to always consider it may be a trap.

13. Chapter 33 by Primsong [Reviews - 0] (2354 words)
Sometimes things just don't go as you'd like.

14. Chapter 34 by Primsong [Reviews - 0] (1847 words)
Something gets loose. Fire? Fire what?

15. Chapter 35 by Primsong [Reviews - 1] (2650 words)
The rather unusual contents of a certain box.

16. Chapter 36 by Primsong [Reviews - 0] (2968 words)
And in conclusion...

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