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Through all of Space and Time (Lullaby for a Time Lord) by Traveling Companion [Reviews - 1] Printer
Author's Notes:
I'm sure it's been discussed what if River and the Doctor had a baby? But really, have you considered how much trouble it would be to get a Timelord child to go to sleep?

Written for Melody Kondrael. A recording of this lullaby is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXs5fYH6MM4

Lay down your head and close your eyes
and travel into sleep
I know the world is wild and wide
with secrets you must keep
So many things to see and do
you do not wish to rest
Lay down your head and close your eyes
or you will miss the best

Your papa wanders through the stars
defending humankind
He fights for justice and for love
so gentle and so kind
Your eyes are open, watching, an
you'll be like him one day
But even saviors need their rest
and you are far away

The dreams that wait in slumberland
are fairer still than these
So close your eyes and dream them now
as pretty as you please
You can walk among the stars
through all of space and time
So little one lay down your head
and close your sleepy eyes
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