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1. Prologue by LN29 [Reviews - 13] (901 words)
Ok, so yes, I decided to make a sequel to "Step by Step," which required some rethinking of the plot on my part. Also, it might be a few days before there are a lot of updates, depending on how much I can get written. (Risky business, posting these stories before I'm finished...)

So, this story is a bit more plot driven than "Step by Step," which was all about the aftermath, but there will still be plenty of angst, suffering, and introspection...just the way we like it!

2. Chapter 1: Underground by LN29 [Reviews - 6] (2049 words)
I've firmed up the timelines for this series. "Step by Step" takes place after The Idiot's Lantern, but before The Impossible Planet. This adds a little extra meaning behind the Doctor's declaration that if he believes in one thing, he believes in Rose. Because during the ordeal in "Step by Step," she became his tether to reality, the one thing that could convince him that this, now, was real.

This story takes place a few weeks after The Satan Pit.

3. Chapter 2: Frax by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (2138 words)
So...um...about the Doctor being able to speak baby, we're either going to assume that he was just messing with people when he claimed that, or that it's a skill he acquired some time before becoming Eleven. In other words: SHOOT! I forgot about that! Oh well...can't be helped now...

4. Chapter 3: Lies by LN29 [Reviews - 6] (2059 words)
Since I set this story fairly recently after the Satan Pit, I kept coming back to that prophesy that the beast made. Obviously, we know what it is really a reference to, but they don't know that. The Doctor said it lied, but he was clearly trying to convince himself as much as Rose. So setting this story in a war, in a battle, those words kept haunting me, and I realized they'd be foremost in the Doctor's mind too. Hence, this chapter.

5. Chapter 4: Scavenging by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (2521 words)
Brief Twilight jab. Apologies to any fans of the books, it's just a personal opinion.

Dennel decided he wanted a bigger role. Wasn't expecting that, but I think it works.

6. Chapter 5: Dennel by LN29 [Reviews - 5] (2520 words)
And the real action begins...

Also, I'm sorry updates haven't been quite as frequent as Step by Step. I'm trying to write, but Real Life has been metaphorically kicking my backside, so things have been tougher lately. However, I'll keep going, cuz I love this story, and all you people.

And for those of you who seem to have an obsessive devotion to the Doctor's coat (really, you guys should start a club), you should know that the jacket he uses late in this chapter is his suit jacket, not his overcoat. So do not worry...the coat is unscathed. :)

7. Chapter 6: Captive by LN29 [Reviews - 4] (2034 words)
The plot thickens...and the connections to "Step by Step" begin to make an appearance...

8. Chapter 7: Pursuit by LN29 [Reviews - 4] (1861 words)
The Oncoming Storm is on the move. And his new friend has a gun (even if the Doctor doesn't approve of such things). Look out, world...

Also, in case anyone was interested, the "Step by Step" series is going to be a trilogy. Yay! I've got my work cut out for me, but I can't wait!

9. Chapter 8: Questions by LN29 [Reviews - 6] (2319 words)
Because the Doctor's day just wasn't tough enough. I really feel heartless, putting him through all this. Both of them, him and Rose. Especially when I think of what's to come...hehehe, spoilers!

10. Chapter 9: Reflection by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (2590 words)
Rose reflects, a lot. And I try my hand at serious romantic introspection.

11. Chapter 10: Perception by LN29 [Reviews - 3] (2501 words)
Meanwhile, in the deep dark forest...

Two chapters today! I finally finished my essay for school, so now I have more free time! Give thanks for Thanksgiving Break!!!

12. Chapter 11: Enemy by LN29 [Reviews - 6] (3004 words)
When plots collide. The link to Step by Step finally fully steps out into the open, and Rose realizes that they are in SERIOUS trouble.

A nice looong chapter. Enjoy, and once again, thank you so much for your reviews, favorites, and reads. Things have been sort of rough recently, and you guys's reviews have been one of the brightest spots of my days.

13. Chapter 12: Nightfall by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (2004 words)
The poor Doctor has to balance not wearing them out with getting to Rose quickly. If Mishell is wiped out when they get there, she's not going to be able to be as alert as he needs her to be. In case you were wondering why I had them stop for the night when we know Rose is so clearly in trouble. Not heartless, just logical.

14. Chapter 13: Never by LN29 [Reviews - 4] (2986 words)
A happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends out there! And if any of the rest of you celebrate it too, well, happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!

Rose vs. creepy woman, round 2. And Rose does more reflecting, not having much else to occupy herself with in the meantime.

15. Chapter 14: Ambush by LN29 [Reviews - 3] (2365 words)
Can't let the Doctor have an easy journey to rescue Rose, now can we? Also, does the sonic have a timed-release function? Who knows, but it seems to do EVERYTHING else (except wood), so I'm going to assume yes.

16. Chapter 15: Trap by LN29 [Reviews - 3] (2060 words)
The Doctor is NOT going to be happy when he finds out about this...

17. Chapter 16: Broadcast by LN29 [Reviews - 5] (2834 words)
Time for the Doctor to clue in, and the Oncoming Storm nearly explodes.

18. Chapter 17: Declaration by LN29 [Reviews - 4] (2702 words)
Come to think of it, I think this is the first time Rose has replied to "the question" (you'll know it when you see it) with a direct affirmative. In thinking back, she confirmed it with Jackie in Step by Step, and Dennel earlier in this story, but both times, it was sort of an implied affirmation, rather than a frank "yes."

And just so people know, this series will eventually become a little AU with regards to the Doctor and Rose's relationship. (I've received numerous requests to do so, and I've decided to go for it.) But we've got a ways to go before that.

19. Chapter 18: Knowing by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (2976 words)
When I started this story, Dennel was just a name. It wasn't until I started developing Mishell's character that he began to insert himself more into the story. So here it is: Mishell and Dennel's story.

20. Chapter 19: Sacrifice by LN29 [Reviews - 3] (3234 words)
For all you coat enthusiasts, I hope you take note of the fact that the coat has been put in a safe place. Because now that you've all got me thinking about it, now I realize that that darn coat is hard to keep track of sometimes.

Longest chapter so far. They're really varying in length in this story.

21. Chapter 20: Surrender by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (3069 words)
We all knew it was inevitable. But things go from bad to worse...

I am diabolical. I have no other excuse.

Also, the "day nine" thing is a reference to Step by Step. When the torturers kept asking him over and over about who he was and what he'd done, and then punishing him for telling the truth, saying those were the wrong answers. They were trying to get him to deny reality, and for nine days, he refused. But then he gave in and denied it. He was then punished for lying.

22. Chapter 21: Immolation by LN29 [Reviews - 6] (2603 words)
Wherein we realize just what the woman meant when she told Rose that she wasn't going to kill her...

Sometimes the Doctor can come up with a brillian plan out of nowhere. But there are other times when he's forced to just do what is necessary, leap in headfirst, make it up as he goes along, and hope for the best. The question is: which time is this?

23. Epilogue by LN29 [Reviews - 14] (4281 words)

I know, I know, this is a diabolical place to end it, and I apologize. Youíve all been so wonderful, and I hate to leave you all hanging like this, though this is how I always planned to end this story. I PROMISE that the third story, which will pick up where this leaves off, will be coming really soon.

Iím going to start it as soon as Christmas Break begins (less than two weeks from now). I promised my parents I wouldnít start it until then, because I have final exams next week, and I have a habit of seriously neglecting schoolwork in favor of writing these stories, and I donít really regret it. It is KILLING me to have to put this on hold, even for a short time, because I love these characters and this story, and all of you. But I do have to pass these exams. As soon as Iím done, Iíll start on the third, which Iíve tentatively titled ďThe Finish Line

But on the plus side, did you really think Iíd go through this whole story without one kiss between them?

You all are wonderful, and sometimes your reads, favorites, and reviews are what have kept me going through some rough days. Thank you so much, and I'm so glad you're enjoying these!!!

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