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Tenth Doctor
Mercy or Death by Traveling Companion [Reviews - 2] Printer
Author's Notes:
I wrote this after listening to the audio book for Feast of the Drowned in which the Doctor again offers to take the aliens to another planet and again they refuse.

Please, I don't want to hurt you. I know that you're frightened, angry even, alone and so far from home. Believe me, I know how you feel.

Please, let me help you. This doesn't have to be the end for you. I can take you back to where you came from. I can take you home.

It's too late for me.
You know that.
You see your pain in my eyes.

I feel your pain; your desperation. I understand your hatred. I'm the only one who can understand. I do not blame you.

Hurting others won't help. No, please, listen to me. I know. I've tried everything and I know that it won't work. Nothing helps when you've done what I've done; seen what I've seen.

It's too late for me.
But not for you; you're still innocent.
Your pain is only that of grief and loss.

Let me take you away from here. Let me take you back to your family; your friends. You can mourn properly and emerge from this stronger than you were. You can leave this behind you and start again.

Please, don't make me do this! I don't know if I can bear it again! You know that pain wrenching inside of you, making you bitter and irrational? That is the pain to add to mine everything I must make this choice.

It's too late for me.
More than one race has perished because of me.
Don't make me add yours too it.

You're beautiful, glorious, and amazing. You're so much more than I can ever be. But you can be more than that. You can let go of this murderous rage and be magnificent.

These people haven't hurt you; let them go. I am the one you're looking for, the one who caused it. I'm giving you the choice, that horrible choice: mercy or death?

It's too late for me.
Don't make be go through this again.
Please, please, just let me save you!


A sickening splash. A rusty lever.
The roar of water, the roar of flames.
An executioner, a falling building.
Cries and shrieks of hate and dismay.
A bit of poison, a chemical fusion...
Deliberate suicide, a treacherous friend.

Another life, snuffed out like a flame.
The Lonely God, the Oncoming Storm
Tears in his head, but not on his face.
Hater of violence — bringer of destruction
One more race dead in his name.


It's too late for me.
I could have saved you.

Making me kill you was the only way to punish me for your loss.
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