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Son of a Master Tailor by Sistine [Reviews - 1] Printer
Author's Notes:
Written after reading a suggestion that Ianto actually WAS the son of a master tailor. After my brain played around with the wording, this fic was the result.

As Ianto entered the office on the morning after Gwen’s wedding, Jack stated, “Your father is not a master tailor.”

Ianto’s eyebrows raised in mild surprise at the strange greeting. “Sir?”

“Your father worked at Debenhams,” Jack continued. Something about Ianto’s statement the previous day had nagged at him so he had done some research and now he was feeling betrayed.

Ianto stepped further into the office and shut the door behind him so no-one could interrupt. “Did I say my father was a master tailor? Sorry, I meant that he was the Master Tailor.”

“What?” Jack was confused. He had expected Ianto to try and cover for the lie, not to compound it.

“My father was a Time Lord, Jack.” Ianto sat on the edge of the desk, getting settled in for a long explanation. “He left Gallifrey before the Time War, which the Doctor time-locked. He came to Earth as part of his wanderings, met my mother, fell in love, and stayed.” He had loved hearing that story as a child.

Jack was having trouble believing this, especially as he knew that the Doctor thought he was the last remaining Time Lord. “But… he worked in a store.”

“He had to have employment or people would get suspicious, and he was good with suits,” Ianto stated. He and his father might not have always got along well but Ianto knew plenty of the Time Lord’s history. “He told me all about Time Lords and has even taken me in his TARDIS a few times, but not Rhiannon. He said he could see her future and it was meant to be an ordinary one. Mine, however… He encouraged me to join Torchwood to help keep an eye on them and the Doctor if he ever showed up there. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do when he did.”

Jack could hear the sadness in Ianto’s voice and knew why. “Lisa.”

“I really loved her, Jack.” That hadn’t been false. “Besides, didn’t you wonder how I could piece together Cyberman technology?”

He had but had assumed that Lisa had helped him.

“My father was very upset about that,” Ianto continued. “Said I should have known better.”

“Wait.” Jack held up one hand at that statement. “Your father died seven years ago.”

Ianto smiled with amusement. “Time Lords regenerate, you know that, Jack. Geraint Jones died; the Master Tailor didn’t. He’s alive and well, living in Newport mostly and keeping an eye on his grandchildren.” Ianto often popped in for a chat and, occasionally, a trip to another planet; his father’s TARDIS was more reliable than the Doctor’s at getting him home on time. Ianto didn’t mess with history though; he left that to his father.

Something else was nagging at Jack. “Do you have two hearts? And if so, why haven’t I noticed?” The amount of time that they spent with their bodies pressed together, Jack was sure he would have felt or heard two hearts.

A twinkle in his eye, Ianto held up the pocket watched that he always carried with him. “Perception filter,” he explained.

Of course. Everything Ianto had said finally sank in. Ianto was half-Time Lord, with two hearts (and presumably the ability to regenerate), a very long life-span, and access to his father’s TARDIS. That could be very handy. “When exactly were you planning on telling me this?” Jack didn’t like Ianto keeping secrets of this magnitude from him.

“Around about now,” Ianto replied with the hint of a smile. “Can’t mess with timelines too much, and if you’d known earlier, there were things you would have done differently.”

Jack couldn’t argue with that. “So when do get to meet your father?” He loved Ianto, even if he would never admit it out loud, and meeting the Master Tailor was as serious a statement as he could make about his commitment to the younger man.

“Soon.” Ianto was quite looking forward to it. “He’s looking forward to seeing you again.”

“Again?” Jack echoed.

Ianto cut off any thoughts with a passionate kiss. Jack was in for such a surprise…
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