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Eleventh Doctor
Two Is Better Than One by wuhdemah [Reviews - 12] Printer Chapter or Story

1. Only The Beginning by wuhdemah [Reviews - 4] (557 words)
The first of a series I'm writing for Doctor Who Land's Big Bang challenge. Expect more ficlets like these. :)

2. The Nitty-Gritty by wuhdemah [Reviews - 1] (633 words)
Amelia Pond is adamant, and she will not be swayed.

3. Toast And Jam by wuhdemah [Reviews - 2] (728 words)
The Doctor is sick.

(Thanks to everybody for their reviews so far! Sorry I haven't responded to them! I keep meaning to and forgetting! But I appreciate it, truly!)

4. The Art Of Explodey Wodey by wuhdemah [Reviews - 0] (711 words)
Never argue with inanimate objects.

5. Frank Conversations by wuhdemah [Reviews - 2] (641 words)
Thanks again to everybody who's reviewed! I really do appreciate it. :)

Leave it to Amelia Pond to make a role model out of the one woman that she definitely shouldn't trust.

6. Fearless by wuhdemah [Reviews - 2] (704 words)
He has no idea whatsoever of what to do about this.

7. Flight And Fancy Free by wuhdemah [Reviews - 1] (697 words)
It doesn't look at all like a camel.

SOOOO sorry it's been so long! This has been sitting in my notepad for about a month, unfinished. I just got caught up in school and work and then I was at the beach and agh! I'm back now, and hopefully more regularly!

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