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1. Chapter 1 by LN29 [Reviews - 4] (2751 words)
Of John and Rose's five children, Susan is the one who has taken on the most life with me. She's completely demanded her own story, so that's what I've given her here. If people like what I've got here, I'll keep going.

In writing this, I've also found potential for many other stories, especially Alan and Addy's kidnapping. John and Rose's story just keeps on expanding. Best couple EVER!

Susan's voice is an odd combination of the Doctor and myself. Yeah, I talk the way Susan does sometimes. It amuses people. Hope you like it!!!

2. Chapter 2 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (3395 words)
The reason I decided to have John's TARDIS be more of an "ARDIS" is because I felt like the temptation would be too great for him to go back and prevent Susan's kidnapping, or Alan and Addy's. As the Doctor, he paid attention to the laws of Time (usually), about not going back in his personal timeline. But as John, and a father, I feel like he'd be like "to heck with the laws of time. I'm getting my kids." So I made it that he'll be able to go get them, once he learns where they are, but he has to stay relevant with their timelines. Stinks for him, but safer for the universe.

My mother has read what I've got so far, and insists that I absolutely cannot leave it here. I'd been up in the air whether to continue this or leave it here, but I think I'm going to have to keep going.

3. Chapter 3 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (2191 words)
These chapters will vary in length. There's only so much reflecting Susan can do, and I exhausted quite a lot of it in those first two posts. So it'll sort of be a combination of a chronicle of events, and Susan's private thoughts.

4. Chapter 4 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (1666 words)
With regards to her musings on her relationship status, this is NOT foreshadowing. Susan is not going to meet a boyfriend on Calkar, of that I'm certain. Most eligible boys are ill, and while there are those that aren't, Susan is not in the mindset of meeting a boyfriend right now. No, this is just Susan having her typical random reflections on her life. Susan is the most of myself that I've ever put into a character, so it's really interesting to write her. That's not to say I think of myself as a supergenius or anything, 'cuz I'm definately not. But a lot of her personality traits are my own, which makes it a lot easier to write her private thoughts.

5. Chapter 5 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (2036 words)
The idea of the ARDIS appealed to me and amused me so much that I decided to make it the official nickname of this TARDIS. Also, it does make sense that John would want to differentiate between his old and new TARDISes.

6. Chapter 6 by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (2585 words)
Updates might become a bit more infrequent, though I'll try to do one every few days, at least. I've started work, so I won't have as much writing time as before. But I'll keep going!!!

Finally got around to listing the symptoms of the plague. I have no idea what kind of plague it is, considering my knowledge of such things is somewhat less than Susan's. But luckily, it's alien, so it doesn't have be logical on Earth. :)

7. Chapter 7 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (1726 words)
Just wanted to say thanks to Country Timelord, whose reviews make my day!

8. Chapter 8 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (1913 words)

9. Chapter 9 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (533 words)
A very small entry, but an important one, and a prelude to a much longer entry later that same day.

10. Chapter 10 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (2478 words)
This was a very, very rough chapter to write, and I hope it works. I wanted to make it realistic, from a character standpoint. John still has traits from the Doctor, so he's going to try and be as logical and matter-of-fact about rescuing her right away. But he's also his own man, and he's a father, and his emotions have to be raging too. Then there was Susan's reaction as well...yeah, this was hard. Hope it works!

11. Chapter 11 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (1523 words)
Even as I've continued to write this story, Susan's voice has changed, and I wanted her to be aware of that.

I also thought it important to address how Susan feels about the Doctor, the Time Lord one. He, after all, is a pretty vital part of their past, and he's still around, even if he's in another universe. They won't just forget the Doctor exists, and John feels more sorry for the Doctor than anything, because he has Rose, a stable life, and children. So Susan must think about him a bit. I would...

12. Chapter 12 by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (1941 words)
Hana has her baby!!! And life gets pretty interesting...

13. Chapter 13 by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (1941 words)
I felt it was important to address Susan's struggle with balancing her feelings toward the Calkarians, and her thoughts and emotions about this wrote themselves...

Also, yeah, the baby is a boy. Sorry about disappointing anyone, but at least he is in loving and capable, if somewhat overwhelmed, hands.

Also, I'll have you all know that there are limits to my depravity as a writer...I'm not heartless. Just so you know.

14. Chapter 14 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (2294 words)
If it were my Mum, she'd definately cry, but she'd also be concerned over my health, and safety, and whether I'd been getting enough sleep, so that's what I decided Rose would be like.

I decided that Susan would tell them about James some other time. Just didn't seem fair to drop that bombshell on Rose when she's just seen her daughter for the first time.

Also, I refer to a John and Rose story I wrote, called "Proposal," which is the story of John and Rose's rather unorthodox engagement. :)

15. Chapter 15 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (1322 words)
John and Rose deal with his nightmares in my story, "This too shall pass." In case you were wondering. But it stands to reason Susan would inherit the tendancy, and she's seen a lot of suffering in these two months.

16. Chapter 16 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (1755 words)
Poor kid's still feeling the pressure, and no wonder! But James and Rosie the cow add some levity to her life, which I felt was sorely needed, to keep her afloat.

17. Chapter 17 by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (2855 words)
Well, that was depressing to write. But some very, very important questions are raised, and Susan actually vents out loud to someone. Also, thanks so much to everyone who has read, favorited, and/or reviewed this! Your reviews make me irrationally happy. :)

18. Chapter 18 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (2126 words)
Hi! Sorry that I haven't written in a few days. My muse decided to take a vacation, but hopefully I can get it back on track now.

19. Chapter 19 by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (2674 words)
I might not be able to update this for a few days, cuz I've got a cold and my brain does not want to make words. But I'll do my best, and in the meantime, here's a nice long chapter.

20. Chapter 20 by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1512 words)
I'M BACK!!!!

Thanks must be given to my mother, who never stopped asking about Susan, and to Mericat, whose reviews were my inspiration to strongarm my muse into cooperation.

Okay, so I've finally decided to try and work on this crazy story some more. It's grown so much longer than I intended it to, and while I know how it's going to end, the challenge is going to be getting us there. But I'm determined! I will NOT be one of those people who has a perpetual "unfinished" story. I hope...

Finding Susan's voice again is a real struggle, and it may take me a bit to fully nail it again. Bear with me, friends.

21. Chapter 21 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (1310 words)
I know NOTHING about curing diseases! I think i mentioned that previously. So trying to make Susan seem not only knowledgeable, but also brilliant in the subject is a serious challenge. And if I make any mistakes, let's chalk it up to an alien virus/alien technology, shall we? :)

22. Chapter 22 by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (2026 words)
Family therapy...Noble style.

23. Chapter 23 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (2172 words)
One of my problems is that there is only so much introspection one character can do. But the stars have been a reoccuring theme in my other series, so I figured why not bring them into this story too?

Earthbound time travel. The idea that we're seeing thousands of years into the past, or more, when we look up at the sky, is such a fascinating one, isn't it? I mean, if our own sun went out, we wouldn't even know about it for eight whole minutes. That's how vast the distances in space are. It actually takes about eight minutes for the light from the sun to reach us. And infinately longer for the stars. It's so COOL!!!!!

Also, a bit more information about the ARDIS. The idea of her playing with the chameleon circuit amused me. After all, she's a rather immature TARDIS.

24. Chapter 24 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (2610 words)
Bleh, this chapter gave me so much trouble, but here it is. And once again, I will reiterate that Susan is NOT going to find romance on Calkar. No matter how romantic that idea might seem, it's not realistic. She's still a kidnapping victim on a strange world, and her life revolves around working at the lab and caring for James. She's not looking for love, and she's not going to find it. However, that's not to say that someone might not have feelings for her. Just sayin'... :)

Also, sorry about the delay. Updates are going to be sporatic. Sometimes I'll get a lot done, but sometimes it might be a bit before I update. It all depends on how busy I am. School has been absolutely NUTS these past few days, and I've gotten very, very little sleep the past few nights, so I apologize if this chapter isn't quite as good as the others. I'm too tired to judge. Good night!

25. Chapter 25 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (1587 words)
Well, several months later, I'm taking another crack at this story. Again, Susan's voice is hard to slip into again, but I'm working on it. Let's see if I can keep this going for a bit longer.

I promise, even if I take hiatuses (is that the correct plural term?), I never forget about this story. And I do know how it ends, I promise! I've got a rough outline of everything that has to happen from here on out, and it's just a question of making it all fit into a plausible timeframe while also not making it drag on unceasingly.

I'm sorry to keep doing this to those of you who are following this story. (You should hear my mother. I'll be talking about some other story I'm writing, and she'll go..."Speaking of stories...what about SUSAN?") But as of right now, I plan to keep at this story, so hopefully we'll make it to the end. Or at least make another significant dent in the outline.

26. Chapter 26 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (3064 words)
Everyone has a breaking point, especially parents who are in a situation like Susan's are. And especially someone like John, who may have been human for almost thirty years, but is still the Doctor in many ways. Combining the anger and determination we know the Doctor is capable of with the fierce and very human instincts of a father, and it's a wonder he's managed to hold out this long.

The weirdest part of this story is how my writing abilities have matured and changed since I started it almost a year ago. So trying to keep Susan's voice somewhat constant is tough. Fortunately, she's changing too.

27. Chapter 27 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (2714 words)
Poor Susan. She's in an almost impossible position.

Guess who still knows very little about curing diseases, let alone alien ones? ME!

28. Chapter 28 by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (1991 words)
Just have to say...Country_Timelord...your reviews are why this story has gotten as far as it has. Thanks for sticking with me! Riverkentvalley...your e-mail is what jumpstarted the story this time around. Thanks to both of you, and anyone else who has read this!!! :)

29. Chapter 29 by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (2474 words)
Every time Vistran sets foot in this story, he makes himself look more and more like a viable love interest for Susan...he pushes her when necessary, says the things no one else will, and yet he still builds her up and protects her when the situation requires it. He's unusual, but so is she. Hmmm...what do you think?

It'd require some rethinking of the plot, if that did happen. But I'll admit that my attitude towards fictional romances has softened a bit in the course of this year. (It's been almost a year since I posted the first chapter of this...and when I think of what's happened this year, and what's changed...it feels like a lifetime.)

30. Chapter 30 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (2412 words)
Ok, updates might not be quite as frequent as usual for a bit (I'm not talking month-long gaps like before. Just maybe not every day.) Real life decided to throw me a major unexpected curveball and I'm still sorting stuff out. But I'm not giving up on this story yet, and your reviews have been making it easier to get through the days!

Also, Allonym, since you didn't get a shoutout two chapters ago, you're getting one now! Thanks for sticking with me and Susan!

31. Chapter 31 by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (1965 words)
I wanted to address the fact that Susan seems to fluctuate in her acceptance of her circumstances. Because I do feel that it's an accurate portrayal of emotion. We don't just plateau in an accepting position, we go back and forth. We have good days, and bad days, and so does Susan. She has days where she can be philosophical, and optimistic, and days when she can't. Just like us.

Slowly but surely, we're working our way through this. I have a list of events that need to happen before the end, and we're slowly checking them off. Still don't know exactly how or when we'll get to the end, but I do know what events will happen. Just have to get us there...

32. Chapter 32 by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (2672 words)
I'm honestly not sure where this chapter came from...it wasn't in the plans until last night. But I like how it turned out, even though it's one of the saddest things I've ever written. (And before you panic, James is fine!)

33. Chapter 33 by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (2209 words)
Ok...so, basically, I have final exams next week, and in the next few days, I have an insane amount of work due (including a 20ish page dramatic adaptation of a poem due Friday that I just received yesterday! Yikes!!!). So I don't know how frequent updates will be until I'm through that crazy mess. But at least this time, I have a legitimate excuse, and I promise I'll be back!

Anyway, on to what you're really here for...

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