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Eleventh Doctor
Alive by Malice Haughton [Reviews - 9] Printer
Author's Notes:
This episode was the best thing ever to me.

I have a few stories now going up, this is the first. Rory and the Doctor bond a bit after Idris is gone. Amy joins in with her two boys.

Yes, this is the whole fic, it just...lost something writing anything past this. Believe me, I tried. It works much better just leaving it :) Because sometimes, it doesn't need to be said.


Rory watched the Doctor carefully.

He was still slightly confused as to what had just happened. One minute, the TARDIS had been inside the dark haired woman called Idris, the next that now-gone body was the soul of the TARDIS and stood on the stairs in that same form. Then that disappeared and they were in their own universe once again, safe and sound. The TARDIS back where she belonged.

But he had just watched a woman die.

And so had the Doctor, and this woman had meant the world to him.

He had no idea what had happened to the body of the woman Idris. It had just disappeared. But it had definitely been a death, and he had definitely seen it.

The Doctor had his back turned to him and Amy but was clearly crying. He hadn’t known the Doctor was capable of crying until just then. He was being quiet, the kind of tears that meant that he couldn’t do anything but cry.

He wasn’t quite sure what to do in this situation. He’d seen people die before (it was one of the hazards of being a nurse,) but never had that someone who died been close to someone he knew as well as he did the Doctor.

While Amy knew the Doctor better than him, she seemed to be more willing to wander off downstairs and leave the Doctor alone to his grief. Rory wasn’t too sure that was the right thing to do.

He was currently staring at the back of a man who had his hopes brought up and ripped away from him in a little less than an hour. Had thought he could finally be forgiven for an act he had to perform to save the entirety of the universe which meant killing his own people, the genocide of his own race. Following that, he had found his TARDIS, the most constant thing in his life, in a flesh and blood body, able to talk to her properly for the first time ever and then that too had been taken away from him.

He didn’t think the Doctor would ever get that back. Now was definitely not the time to ask.

Clearing his throat, Rory did the one thing he could think of. He walked over to the Doctor, laid a hand on his shoulder, squeezed gently and asked, “Do you want to be alone?”

The Doctor turned to look at him, a slight smile on his face, even as he continued to sniff and tears silently fell. “No. Not really. I don’t want to be alone.” A hand fell on top of his and squeezed back.

Contact. The Doctor was a very tactile person. He hugged both him and Amy all the time, for seemingly no reason at all, sometimes. He had even been kissed by the Doctor, the same way that he kisses Amy. Like they were children and he was a proud parent. So he did the only thing he could think of in the situation they were now in.

Rory pulled the Doctor into a hug and held him. He heard Amy come back up the stairs and felt her arms as she hugged the Doctor from behind.

They didn’t exchange words. Even after the tears had stopped, they stayed silent.

And all around them, surrounding their bodies and the room, was the glorious sound of the TARDIS moving through space alive, well, home.

They parted after a few more TARDIS filled minutes, the Doctor looking much happier than before. Rory thought he could tell why, too.

For the first time ever, the Doctor truly knew.
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