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Eleventh Doctor
Pacing by Space Gandalf [Reviews - 0] Printer

Amy opened the door with the sign that read “Do Not Disturb” on it. Poking her head in carefully, she saw the Doctor. “Doctor? What are you doing?”

He was walking around and around the room, head down, hands in his pockets. An awkward few seconds passed as he continued walking. Amy walked in and closed the door, still staring at him. A few moments later, the Doctor looked up and realized Amy was there. “What am I doing?” He said it slowly, as if he wasn't sure either. Suddenly, recognition appeared on his face and he stopped walking. “Just pacing. Old Gallifreyan game. Our games included pacing and staring into a hole in time itself.”

He was going to ramble now, Amy knew it. When he started talking about his home planet, she was in for a long talk that usually included tea, hugging, and lots and lots of crying.

He started to pace again. “Rather like you, Amelia. But we didn't have your policemen.” He smiled self-indulgently to himself, “not a single one. And so we had to become the policemen. “Or the monsters,” he said quietly, but Amy heard him.

She smiled unsurely. Though she'd traveled with him for what felt like an eternity, seen places she never could have imagined, she still didn't really know him. “Which one are you?”

“Oh, I — I've been both,” he said casually. Then he broke into a wild grin. “You know me, Amelia.”

No, thought Amy, no, I don't.


Tea. And probably some hugging later.
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