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Eleventh Doctor
Dear Mr. Doctor (Coming To America) by Space Gandalf [Reviews - 0] Printer Chapter or Story

1. Prologue by Space Gandalf [Reviews - 0] (1028 words)
This was written a couple days after the announcement of S6 and the Doctor going to America. My version is very, very, very different from the real version. Hopefully. *ahem*

2. Well, Hello, Mr. President by Space Gandalf [Reviews - 0] (806 words)

3. Those Days Are Behind Him by Space Gandalf [Reviews - 0] (461 words)
The title is a blatant lie.

4. Hello Sweetie by Space Gandalf [Reviews - 0] (515 words)

5. 20 Questions by Space Gandalf [Reviews - 0] (387 words)
This isn't what happens when I play 20 Questions...

6. Unfortunate Situation of the Time Lord by Space Gandalf [Reviews - 0] (742 words)

7. Slightly More Berserk by Space Gandalf [Reviews - 0] (642 words)
The bit about the curtain ring is a convoluted reference to the Eighth Doctor novel The Dying Days. You see, Eight is falling to his death and all he has in his pocket is an exhaust pipe, some curtain rings, and a garbage bag. Voila! Makeshift parachute.

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