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1. Chapter 1: Without a Trace by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1413 words)
Takes place some time after "Presence of Mind," but you don't have to have read it for this to make sense. Suffice to say, Alec has joined the TARDIS crew.

Can the TARDIS really scan the entire universe, all of space and time? Who knows? But the way I see it, she has abilities that the Doctor doesn't know about, even after all this time. There are untapped depths to her.

2. Chapter 2: Just Gone by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1195 words)
Sorry about the longer than usual delay. I've been writing this out of order, so I've got most of the second half done, so i have to get the beginning over with, and then the pace will pick up.

3. Chapter 3: The Enemy by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1563 words)

4. Chapter 4: Questions by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1616 words)
References to my previous stories, "Trust Me," in which Marissa is shot, nearly fatally, and "Captivity," where the Doctor and Marissa have an unfortunate encounter with Daleks. Not necessary to have read them, though.

5. Chapter 5: The Plan Revealed by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (2660 words)
This chapter's a long one. I couldn't think of a place to break it up.

Oh, and the Enemy likes italics.

6. Chapter 6: Impossible by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1120 words)
How is this possible? The plot thickens! (I'd been wanting to do something like this for a long time. It was so much fun to write.)

Poor Marissa. She's such a strong girl, but everybody has a breaking point, and I figured over a week of being alone with this man has to push her over the edge, and this opportunity presented itself.

7. Chapter 7: Waiting by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (2011 words)

8. Chapter 8: Found Out by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1248 words)
Telepathy is fun to write, for some reason.

9. Chapter 9: Making Contact by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1912 words)
One of the first chapters I wrote for this, weirdly enough. Oh, and putting all the telepathy in italics is getting REALLY tedious.

10. Chapter 10: 'No!' by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1867 words)
You may think we're nearing the end, but we're not. Hang in there! More will be up as soon as i can manage it!!!

11. Chapter 11: Mordacious by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1931 words)
According to Thefreedictionary.com...
Mordacious: 1. given to biting. 2. caustic, sarcastic.

12. Chapter 12: The Only Chance by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (2318 words)
This was one of those times when I had created a perfect, dramatic situation, and then realized that I had no way of getting them out of it. So this was the result. And I realize that the Doctor hardly ever gets as emotionally low as he does in these next few chapters, but his lack of sleep and constant mental activity have taken too much of a toll, and this choice was the final straw.

13. Chapter 13: Jack by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1509 words)

I hope I got his characterization right. His dialogue pretty much wrote itself. I figured he's going to sense the seriousness of the Doctor's emotional damage right now, and isn't going to flirt much. There's a time and a place, and even Jack knows that.

By the way, Jack has met this incarnation of the Doctor once before, in a short piece I wrote, "Emergency Program One," the upshot of which is that if that program were activated, Marissa (and now Alec, though he wasn't travelling with them at the time) would be sent to Torchwood, since she doesn't have any family on Earth.

(Also by the way, some of you might have read my other series, about the Year That Never Was. This was written before any of those, hence my comments about writing Jack and nailing his characterization. As in that series, Jack is very mildly telepathic.)

14. Chapter 14: 'Get Out of his Head!' by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1509 words)
That's my girl! Down, but never out!

15. Chapter 15: Ganging Up by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1465 words)
Jack and the TARDIS can be quite persuasive, when they want to be. And together, not even the Doc has a chance.

In my universe, the Doctor requires sleep for a few hours once a week, ideally. So his current state is like if we denied ourselves sleep for three or four nights in a row, while maintaining a constant state of mental and physical activity for that entire time. In other words, he's tired.

16. Chapter 16: Still Alone by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1731 words)
The obvious problem with Alec's vulnerability to the Enemy.

Marissa is beginning to crack under the strain, poor kid.

17. Chapter 17: The Next Morning by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1430 words)
Unfortunately, Torchwood is very difficult to keep canon in my universe right now, considering there's a new season coming, and we know nothing about the new location or team. And at the time this is supposed to be happening in the Whoniverse, we assume that the new team has been working together for a few years.

Update: When I originally wrote this, the new series of Torchwood was still far into the future, and the new characters were only names on a cast list. We know a little more now, but at the time, the only character we knew was returning, other than Jack, was Gwen. Hence the fact we only see Gwen here.

18. Chapter 18: Running out of Time by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1737 words)
As if things weren't difficult enough for everyone.

19. Chapter 19: Time to Go by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (2029 words)
Jack asks some important questions, and I attempt to have this make logical sense.

20. Chapter 20: Rescue by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (2495 words)
AT LAST, the rescue!!!! A long one, couldn't find a place to break it up.

21. Chapter 21: Home by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1035 words)
Yay! The longest story I've ever written, and it's been quite a ride! Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope you enjoyed it! Reviews are welcome, and make me very happy, but as always, I don't want anyone to feel obligated to review. If you read it and enjoy it, that's enoough for me.

Update: Now there's (obviously) an epilogue, which used to be a standalone story. Enjoy!

22. Epilogue by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (4549 words)
This was originally a seperate story, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was so dependant on having read this story that it'd be more effective to just make it a slightly longer than usual epilogue, to ensure that they are read together.

The room Marissa is in was referenced in a previous story of mine. It's essentially a massive arboretum, where the Doctor used to go when things got too much for him.

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