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Presence of Mind by LN29 [Reviews - 8] Printer Chapter or Story

1. Chapter 1: Tharis V by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (1508 words)
Okay, well, this was posted months ago, and...um...I sort of accidentially skipped posting a chapter and only noticed today. So here it is, finally in its entirety. Sorry if anyone was confused by the first version. Brief reference to my first story, "Why Her?" but you don't really have to have read any of my previous stories for this one to make sense.

2. Chapter 2: Captured by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (1222 words)

3. Chapter 3: The Vazri's Slaves by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (1628 words)

4. Chapter 4: Breakout by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (1426 words)

5. Chapter 5: Emotional Warfare by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (1601 words)
I felt really bad, writing this. But it's certainly an effective way to generate enough emotion. This chapter contains references to almost all of my previous stories. But it's not necessary to have read them for this to make sense. They're pretty self explanatory, in the context I use them in.

6. Chapter 6: Resiliance by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1469 words)

7. Chapter 7: Hiding Out by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1054 words)

8. Chapter 8: Alec's Story by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (1507 words)

9. Chapter 9: "This Will End." by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1240 words)
Wow...Awkward. This is the formerly missing chapter. But it's here now, so, many months later, the story is actually complete. Sorry. :)

10. Chapter 10: Nineteen Children by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (1327 words)
The Doctor with kids! So cute!

11. Chapter 11: Escape by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (1285 words)

12. Chapter 12: What Happens Now? by LN29 [Reviews - 0] (994 words)

13. Epilogue by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (775 words)
Aaaaaaaaand enter Alec, to round out the trio. Yes, he's sticking around for all future stories! Reviews make me happy, but as usual, are not at all required.

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