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There Was a Master in a Game by azriona [Reviews - 63] Printer Chapter or Story

1. Horizontal O by azriona [Reviews - 13] (3167 words)
Written for the_tenzo’s Bingo Card Ficathon on LJ. Any discrepancies with canon (or historical accuracy, for that matter) are purely the author’s intention, resulting from lack of sleep and not enough vegetables in her diet. Let this be a lesson to you, folks: eat your greens, they’re good for you. Beta'ed by EGT and Runriggers. This is not their fault.

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15. Horizontal O to Vertical G (and Back Again) by azriona [Reviews - 1] (4418 words)

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17. Vertical I via Diagonal Right by azriona [Reviews - 0] (3264 words)

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20. Vertical G to Horizontal O by azriona [Reviews - 2] (2115 words)

21. Horizontal G by azriona [Reviews - 1] (2523 words)
Many apologies regarding the week’s delay. I realized at the very last minute that I had misplaced Malcolm’s chart for this week, and it took a few days to locate it. I am back on track now and there should be no further delays.

To make up for the delay: a drabble to the first person to figure out the significance of the case number and appendix files on Malcolm’s chart.

22. Horizontal B and Diagonal Left by azriona [Reviews - 2] (1860 words)

23. Vertical O by azriona [Reviews - 0] (3433 words)

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25. Everywhere and In Between by azriona [Reviews - 4] (2389 words)

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