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1. Part One by JJPOR [Reviews - 5] (4397 words)
For my co-conspirator Maggadin, who suggested Seven/Romana fic centring on Romana’s period of captivity under the Daleks established in the audio continuity. Of course, Romana escaped from that in the Six-Evelyn audio The Apocalypse Element, so I’ve had to mess with the continuity a bit! She also suggested doing a version of NuWho S5’s Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone featuring Seven, Ace and Romana instead of Eleven, Amy and River, so I lobbed that kitchen sink in here too, although the end result probably bears little resemblance to the original… Hope you enjoy it, Maggadin, because it couldn’t have been written without you! As ever, Doctor Who and its associated copyrights really, really don’t belong to me. The Daleks in particular belong to the Terry Nation estate.

2. Part Two by JJPOR [Reviews - 2] (5344 words)
The “escape plan” in this instalment might seem a little confusing; hopefully it will be explained better in subsequent parts. Although I warn you now, if you thought RTD wrote handwavy plots… Hopefully all will make sense in the end. Sort of.

3. Part Three by JJPOR [Reviews - 3] (5391 words)
The next bit! It occurs to me that, assuming all Time Lords share the same subjective “present” with Gallifrey, the audio continuity where Six meets a Romana who is already President kind of contradicts the NA novels, where Seven and Ace were instrumental in Romana coming back from E-Space. Then again, I’m not really following either version particularly closely here, but just assume that this is the first time that Seven and Ace have met Romana. Probably. My head hurts.

4. Part Four by JJPOR [Reviews - 3] (5841 words)
This part sort of veers off into hurt/comfort Seven/Romana-ness, so for those who aren’t into that kind of thing, bear with me, plot will be resumed shortly. The feet-up reveal is how Romana was first introduced in The Ribos Operation. And more shameless retconning of The Apocalypse Element; I called John Peel for all sorts when he did that with Remembrance of the Daleks…

5. Part Five by JJPOR [Reviews - 2] (5626 words)
After a brief delay, the next exciting part! In which we see the Gallifreyan equivalent of the NHS, Romana acts a little disconcertingly, and the diabolical nature of the Daleks’ plans are revealed! And some references to Remembrance of the Daleks. You’ve all seen Remembrance of the Daleks, right? :)

6. Part Six by JJPOR [Reviews - 3] (5599 words)
In which the Doctor, Ace and Romana prepare to take the fight to the enemy, good and hard. They also plan a bit more timey-wimey cheating, but in for a penny, eh? The phrase “Army of One” is, I’m fairly certain, something I’ve stolen from Lawrence Miles’s Faction Paradox works, although I don’t think I use it exactly the same way here. Hopefully he won’t happen to see this and sue me.

7. Part Seven by JJPOR [Reviews - 2] (5734 words)
In which Romana has some quality “me” time and in which the Doctor and associates, not to put too fine a point on it, lay some smackdown on the very deserving Daleks. So yes, this part is mainly action and explosions and Daleks meeting unpleasant ends. My heart bleeds for them, it really does…

8. Part Eight by JJPOR [Reviews - 4] (8840 words)
The epic conclusion, with added kind-of-sequel-bait! In addition to tying up the plot in what I hope is a none-head!desk sort of way, this also features quite large helpings of Doctor!angst and Doctor/Romana-ness, so apologies if you’re not into that kind of thing. And thanks again to my associate Maggadin, whose prompt(s) made me write this. I wouldn’t have even thought of it otherwise! Honest!

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