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Ninth Doctor
Forever by Canaan [Reviews - 2] Printer
Author's Notes:
SSA incentive drabble for WMR. Prompt at the bottom. Major Arcana any time after The Lovers, but can be read stand-alone. BR'd by Yamx. Disclaimer: RTD and the BBC own them.

"Forever," Jack says.

"Seems like it. Alive and whole."

"Yeah, I'd hate to have pieces falling off, like the zimbees . . . "


" . . . in those movies Rose likes. I'm pretty attached to all my parts." Jack leers.

The Doctor doesn't bother replying.

Jack thinks about forever, his grin fading. He may not outlive his good looks, but he'll outlive . . . "Rose," he breathes, pained.

"She told me she's glad we'll still have each other," the Doctor says quietly. "When she's gone."

Jack swallows. "If I really live forever, I think I'll always remember that."

The Doctor squeezes his shoulder. "Me, too."
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