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Ninth Doctor
Painted by 10ismyhomeboy [Reviews - 0] Printer
Author's Notes:
Prompt: Nine/Rose/Jack-the trio gets into trouble and Jack offers himself as the sacrificial lamb

The Doctor’s eyes adjust quickly to the darkness of the small cell he and his companions have been thrown in. He can see Rose still standing stock still, trying to get her bearings. He moves quickly to her side and takes her hand. “Alright there Rose?” he asks quietly as she grips his hand almost too tightly.

“Yeah, ‘m fine,” she replies, the tremble in her voice telling him the truth behind her words. The Doctor can see the moment her eyes have adjusted to the very low light, sees the tension in her shoulders relax just a bit, and the grip on his hand loosens enough to let the blood flow again.

Then his hand is suddenly cold as Rose begins to prowl the confines of the cell. “Doctor, where’s Jack?” she asks in that little girl voice he can never ignore.

“I don’t know, they separated us just before we got thrown in here and I guess he’s being questioned or something.” Just then, the sound of footsteps can be heard thumping down the corridor outside the dark room. Rose and the Doctor squint as light floods in from the open door.

Silhouetted against the light stands a tall figure covered in, “Is that gold paint?” Rose asks, a smile on her face.

“Yes, as a matter of fact it is. See, while you two were reclining in the lap of luxury here I was being proactive at trying to get us out of here,” replies the familiar voice of Captain Jack Harkness.

Twenty minutes earlier

After being dragged off to an interrogation room Jack soon found out that the indigenous species of this planet thought he, the Doctor and Rose were some sort of gods from on high. And, since he was the best looking, he had been picked for questioning. After about 15 minutes he had convinced the local law that he was indeed their god of fertility and if they wanted to please the gods they would prepare him for a proper sacrifice. Of course before the actual sacrifice he was to be allowed to meet with his godly companions. He was then manhandled out of his clothes and airbrushed gold. Looking at himself in the mirror he decided it wasn’t too bad of a look actually. Reminded him of those old 20th Century Earth movies about a secret agent, some British guy. He shrugged, “Well doesn’t much matter now.” Jack even convinced his captors to allow him to go through the possessions taken off them when they had been captured in the first place. The handsome man quickly located the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver and concealed it as best he could while naked. Afterwards he gave his guards the slip and made his way to the cell the Doctor and Rose were in.


The Doctor quickly reacquired his screwdriver and set about leading his two companions out of the prison and back to the TARDIS. As soon as they had dematerialized into the Vortex he and Rose dragged Jack to the showers and they all thoroughly enjoyed the process of removing the gold paint from Jack’s body. Exhausted from the day’s events the two human inhabitants of the TARDIS quickly fell asleep but the Time Lord lay awake thankful that he and his two ‘stupid apes’ were safe and sound.
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