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1. Chapter 1 by Katherine_b [Reviews - 1] (3585 words)
Ah, here we are at last. The final episode. The final rewrite. The final attempt to, in the words of , “fix it please!” Hopefully I’ll have managed just that…
(And for anyone who isn’t aware, this is a sequel to The Next Doctor and Donna, The Planet of the Dead and the Living and Donna and the Waters of Mars.)
Okay, just to warn you in advance, this is going to be written entirely from the Doctor’s POV. This means there will be no glimpses into Wilf’s chats with the mystery woman, no view of the Master’s ressurection, no shot of Wilf dancing or plotting with the members of the Silver Cloak, or any images of the Master terrorising and eating people at the building site. Oh, and no Naismiths, but I’m not sure how much of a loss they are… Sorry, but I’ve boosted the basic storyline to cover these holes and hopefully improve things a bit. What this means, however, is that it would be a good idea to make sure you’ve seen the episode and/or read the transcript because otherwise you might get a bit lost…

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