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A World of Diamonds by Katherine_b [Reviews - 1] Printer

The Doctor leads the way out of the TARDIS, Donna following close on his heels, to find herself in a large space that looks like an entrance hall.

“See?” the man says smugly, rocking back on his heels, hands in his pockets and a smirk on his features. “I told you I wouldn’t land you in a cupboard again.”

“Considering you wouldn’t let me out at our last stop,” she retorts, “I can’t help thinking that it might be something of a fluke.”

“Nah,” he assures her quickly, although something of the superiority has faded, “I just didn’t think you’d like it, that’s all.”

“Because it was the inside of a cupboard,” she finishes for him.


Chuckling, Donna finally turns to look at where they have landed — and all desire to tease vanishes as she sees the incredible vista spread out before them.


“Diamonds are meant to be a girl’s best friend.” The Doctor’s voice, however, for all his teasing, also seems to hold a certain amount of awe.

“If you wanted to impress me, I think we came to the right place,” she retorts as her eyes flicker around the incredible landscape outside. “It’s… it’s like staring into an underwater world, but where the waves are frozen into the lines on the blocks or something. And it’s so blue!”

“We-ell,” the Doctor rocks back onto his heels, and she knows from his tone that he's about to begin a lecture, “it’s not that the land itself is blue, but that the sunlight on this planet is of a particular wavelength that…”

Donna tunes out the rest of his babbling, which has something to do with rainbows and different colour spectrums, instead feasting her eyes on the strange, alien, foreign world she can see outside.

Her eyes vainly seek out the tiny movements she’s used to when looking out at the world on planet Earth. The minute shifts of leaves on trees or the breeze rustling through the grass.



But here, there is simply nothing.

It’s as if there is nothing alive out there at all.

It’s so still that she almost feels as if it’s a crime to breathe.

At that instant, she realises that the Doctor has stopped speaking and glances at him.

“It’s so peaceful,” she says softly, half-teasing, but also referring to the stillness of the planet beyond this room.

“Well, that’s mostly due to this,” he admits, walking up to the glass wall and knocking on it. “Finitoglass.”

“You’re going to leave a mark,” she scolds lightly, pulling him away, but she shakes his head.

“Nah, not on this.” He shakes his head with a grin. “Thickest windows in the universe, and instantly self-cleaning to boot. Isn’t that brilliant? I could do anything and it wouldn’t leave a trace.”

Before she can say a word, he plasters his face against the window, doing his best goldfish impression, open mouth and all, against the glass.

“God, I can’t take you anywhere, can I?” she scolds, glancing around in a hunted manner, waiting for someone to come and throw them out.

“But, Donna, look!” he exclaims, sounding a bit like a child and pointing excitedly at the glass where his face had been.

“Small things amuse small minds,” she mutters to herself, but she can’t help being impressed by the fact that the glass is completely free of any streaks or marks that might have shown where he has pressed against it.

“The central core of the TARDIS is made of this, too,” he tells her. “That’s why it’s always so clean.”

“It’s good to know there’s one part of your ship that is,” she tells him with a grin and a gentle, teasing nudge. “So where are we then?”

“Donna Noble,” he said with an answering grin as he takes her hand, “welcome to the planet Midnight.”
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