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Tenth Doctor
New Worlds To Explore by Katherine_b [Reviews - 0] Printer

He might not be sure how they got here, but he can only be thankful that they did.

He knows he really shouldn’t be thinking at this moment, but he can’t help himself, even as he settles into the regular rhythm of their bodies moving together.

“Just… mates…?” he gets out at one point.

“I swear, Doctor,” she shoots back, pausing to catch her breath, “you talk more… than anyone… I’ve ever met.”

He presses his lips to hers so hard he feels like he’s bruising them, his fingers splayed out on her skin, which is almost too slippery to grasp. She gasps and shudders against him, moaning in ecstasy, before finally falling back against the pillow, struggling for air.

He collapses beside her, feelings his hearts hammering in his chest, but he reaches up to stroke her cheek, not wanting to lose contact with her completely.

“Are you going to write about this in your diary?” she teases as she opens her eyes to focus on him.

“Oh, I think I’ll have to.” He stops to catch his breath again, sweat glistening on his skin and running in trickles down onto the sheets, his fingertips stroking the damp hair away from her forehead.

“And why’s that?” she asks, tasting his mouth again.

“Well,” he says, his lips quirking into a grin as he resumes his exploration of her breasts and nuzzles behind her ear, “it’s not every day that I get to explore a whole new world, is it?”
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