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Author's Notes:
On a drabble request meme, Rickmaniac101 requested "I've Had the Time of My Life" and Jenny and River. Here we go. This references the events of my story "Jenny Dances" and features a cameo by the new Doctor.

"I've done this before."

"What's that?"

"Dancing. I've done it before."

Jenny is nearly two years old, and she feels as if she knows just about everything there is to know (which means she knows she has plenty left to learn), and her friend River enjoys nothing more than pointing out that she doesn't really know much (which, oddly, also means that she has plenty left to learn).

River smiles her Dad Smile (Jenny prefers her River smile) and nods. "Naturally, of course. Was it nice?"

"Yes." Of course it was nice. Isn't that the point of dancing? River seems to be trying to hint at something, and Jenny hasn't got the slightest idea what that something is. It's very frustrating.

"Good, good. Who'd you dance with?" There's laughter in River's voice as she asks. Jenny wrinkled her nose and purses her lips and crosses her arms over her chest. Very very frustrating.

"A soldier. On the planet Hrun. Lieutenant Marvel."

"Miranda Marvel?"

Jenny blinks. "You know her?"

River laughs out loud, now. It's a happy sound, and despite her annoyance Jenny finds it calming. She enjoy River's laugh, when it's not cruel. It's very rarely cruel with Jenny. "We've met."

"Oh." Jenny frowns. It was a long time ago, but it was the only time she's ever danced. It hasn't occurred to her that other people might dance more often, including her partner of the night. "I enjoyed it."

"So did I. Quite memorable."

Jenny gets the feeling that they're talking about two different things. She's learned a lot in her two years of life, and she's finally starting to figure out that sometimes people say things without saying them, and use their words to mask real meanings. It's very disconcerting and often dishonest. With River it feels like a challenge.

There's a cough from behind them. "Now, I don't think we should talk about dancing like that when we're all together."

"Dad!" Jenny grins and runs over to her dad, hugging him tightly. "I like your new hair."

The Doctor laughs. "Thank you. Just got it done a few months ago." He pulls at his bow tie. "How about the rest?"

"It's alright. I like the other suit better." Jenny feels River step up behind her. "I liked the stripes."

"Of course you did. Have you two got time for tea?"

River puts her hand on Jenny's shoulder. "Of course we do. Come on, Doctor, it's already warm."
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