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Tenth Doctor
Anywhere, Anywhen by Katherine_b [Reviews - 0] Printer

“Set the controls to random,” the Doctor announces, once the TARDIS finally stops rocking madly from side to side.

She really doesn’t like it when he does this. Still, he has got a (relatively) new companion to impress.

“Mystery tour," he continues grandly. "Outside that door could be any planet, anywhere, anywhen in the whole wide…”

And it’s that moment that he sees the tension on Donna’s face and — his hearts drop into his stomach — the fear in her eyes, belying the tense grin on her face.

“Are you all right?” he asks anxiously.

“Terrified!” she replies breathlessly. “I mean history’s one thing, but an alien planet!”

He hates himself for what he’s about to ask, but he has to be fair. “I could always take you home,” he suggests with a jerk of his thumb in the direction — roughly — of the Earth.

“Yeah, don’t laugh at me!”

He lets himself breathe again and moves around the console to stand in front of her, feeling a spring in his step as a broad grin appears on his face. He can even feel his hair bouncing. “I know what it’s like. Everything you’re feeling right now. The fear, the joy, the wonder, I get that!”

For a minute, he thinks she doesn’t believe him. “Seriously? After all this time?”

“Yeah.” He imitates her voice to tease her. “Why do you think I keep going?”

And he knows he’s got a kindred spirit with her reply. “Oh! All right then, you and me both!”

She heads for the door and he steps over to the support beam where he’s flung his coat after cleaning the ash from Pompeii off it.

“This is barmy!” Donna declares as she stands in front of the doors, her hands spread wide. “Born in Chiswick. I've only ever done package holidays. And now I’m here.”

He settles his collar as she continues, because otherwise she’s only going to do it for him.

“This is so… I mean it’s…. I don’t know, it’s all sort of, I don’t even know what the word is!”

Brilliant, he thinks fondly as he follows her down the ramp. Absolutely brilliant.

Just as long as he never has to suggest taking her home ever again.
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