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2. Chapter 1 by Katherine_b [Reviews - 1] (2783 words)
A bit (okay, a lot!) of background information: So where did this story come from? (Apart from the treacherous maelstrom of my insane mine, of course…)

Basically, it's a result of a discrepancy that has always bothered me between the old and the new series. In The Sound of Drums the Doctor says that, at eight years old, children on Gallifrey look into the vortex and that his reaction to what he saw there was to run. And yet we're told in Old Who that he studied at the Academy on Gallifrey, only scraping a pass on his second attempt.

For those familiar with Old Who mythology, this is not the wife of the Other/the Doctor as mentioned in several TV episodes and various other DW stories. The Doctor, when we first meet him, is clearly an old man (age being the reason he regenerates for the first time), and later in his life he clearly remembers being a father (as mentioned in The Doctor’s Daughter). This is how I imagine the Doctor’s life might have gone and what could have given him a reason to leave Gallifrey.

But how does this link back to the Prologue? Is it 'reality'? What has happened to Donna? Ah, for those and other answers, you will have to wait and see!


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