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Tied Up In Knots by Katherine_b [Reviews - 4] Printer

“You know, this works much better on a flat surface.”

“Donna, that’s not the point!”

“It’s better with more than two of us, too. How am I meant to get back into that position?”

“Preferably without knocking me off like you did last time. I’ve never had carpet burn there before! Besides, do you really want anyone else watching this?”

“Hmm, wouldn’t mind Captain Jack…”

“Not on your life! There’s no way Captain Jack is watching this, let alone taking part! Do you have any idea how undignified this looks?”

“I didn’t until you pointed out that mirror on your ceiling. Why do you have a mirror there anyway?”

“It’s not my fault! The TARDIS put it there!”

“Didn’t you tell me once that the TARDIS only creates things if she knows you really want them? Ow, don’t put your foot there! Mine’s already there!”

“Well, I can hardly see it when I’m all twisted up like this, can I? You know, this really is one of the most accurately named games I’ve ever played.”

“You didn’t answer my question about the mirror.”

“Okay, is it my turn?”

“Doctor, why do I have the feeling you’re avoiding the question?”

“I never avoid questions! What did you ask me again? Um, Donna, I’m slippi — ow!”

“Oops! That looks like it hurt. On the upside, though, does that mean I win?”


“You’re so competitive! Honestly!”

“There’s nothing wrong with that! Hey, don’t put your hand there! Mine goes there!”

“But you fell off the bed, and that spot’s more comfortable for me. You’ll have to find another one.”

“But the only other place is there — yep, there — and you slapped me last time I reached across you like that!”

“Whiny baby!”

“Hey! I am not!”

“Come on, just keep going, will you? I want to get this finished before you lose interest.”

“You’re assuming I would lose interest! How could I do that considering what I’m looking at?”

“Oi! Keep your eyes up on my face and not down there, then, thanks mate!”

“Donna, from this position, I’ll end up with a stiff neck if I have to keep looking at your face.”

“I’m already going to be stiff tomorrow, being here like this, so it’s only fair that you should suffer, too. Hopefully the TARDIS will create a massive spa bath or something so that we can get over it.”

“Ooh, that’s an idea! Maybe we could get the TARDIS to help now.”

“The TARDIS doesn’t have a voice, Doctor. And you wouldn’t be able to know where to put your hand or foot with your head stuck there anyway — and I swear, if you put your tongue out again like that, I’m going to slap you so hard that you’ll be able to see the Milky Way even from here in the vortex.”


“Exactly. What did I say about that tongue, mister?”


“Aw, did the poor widdle Doctor fall off the bed again?”

“Yes! Ow! Again. Why is it that I always end up on the floor?”

“Because you’re not patient enough to stay in one position. You keep wriggling and then you fall off. Sensible people stay still.”

“If you’re not careful, your head will swell and then you’ll fall off the bed. Like that.”

“Doctor! You pushed me!”

“Oh. Did I?”

“Right, that’s it, mate. Final round. Winner takes all. First one off the bed loses.”


“Gee, that was quick…”

* * *

A/N: This story was inspired by this picture:
Twister bed.
If you had other things in mind as you read it, you have a filthy mind and should be ashamed!
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