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It's actually his old-fashioned courtesy that she appreciates most. He holds doors open for her, waits until she sits down before he takes his seat, pours her drink before his own, and had absolutely won Wilf's heart by asking for the grandfather's permission to marry his precious granddaughter before he brought the subject up with Donna herself.

Now she watches as he finishes a conversation he's having with Sarah Jane Smith and glances around the room, the light flaring in his dark eyes as he meets her gaze telling her that she is the object of his search.

He crosses the room in a few strides and stops in front of her, giving a deep bow from the waist before he offers her his hand. "May I have this dance, Mrs Noble?"

She slides her fingers into his tender clasp with a smile. "Doctor Noble, of course you may!"

And she rests her head on her new husband's shoulder as they sweep across the floor.
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