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Author's Notes:
Tenth Doctor, Rose. For the dw100 'mail / male' challenge. The title, and the Centauri, are from "Babylon 5".

"Just a hint, Rose," the Doctor said. "If Ambassador Mollari offers to play poker with you for money, don't. He cheats."


The Doctor told her. Rose burst out laughing.


He nodded. "Seriously. Don't assume that because Centauri look like humans their body plans are identical."

"But... six tentacles?"

"Yeah." The Doctor looked smug. "Not very many, is it?"

"Hang on. You were playing against him and Lord Refa. And you won!"

The Doctor nodded again.

Rose turned bright pink. "Thirteen lives, you said. Doctor! You haven't got thirteen..."

"Could be." He winked. "Or maybe I just got lucky."

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