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Drabbles & Dares (& Things I'd Never Write) by vvj5 [Reviews - 52] Printer Chapter or Story
Author's Notes:
For Paranoidangel in an LJ drabble meme: prompt Harry and Sarah. So: MI5 officer Harry Pearce encounters reporter Sarah Jane Smith in the 1980s. (Crossover with Spooks).

“You’re trying to put me off,” said Sarah. “Don’t think I didn’t notice. And if you want to pass as a reporter, stay away from the genuine article.”

The blond, almost cherubic man smiled. “You’re very observant, Miss Smith. But I’m not here to mislead you.”

“Oh, really? You don’t want anyone to know about this affair, so you’ll hide it under the carpet. People have a right to know -.”

“Quite,” he said. “The truth? I think you should be the one to write it. It’s not what it seems. Coffee?”

He’d outfoxed her somehow. She glared, but followed.

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