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Ultimate Foe by John Macnee [Reviews - 6] Printer
Author's Notes:
Based after Primsong's idea of combining titles into a story.

“A deadly assassin,” said the Fourth Doctor, reflecting on the enemy within. The five Doctors (numbers three through seven) were taking a time-flight on the frontier in space to Castrovalva, discussing the King’s demons, one being the Master.

“He was the terror of the Autons, the Dæmons, and the Sea Devils,” said the Third incarnation. “A mind of evil, a time monster! He would try to get his claws around any Axos colony in space.”

“After killing the Keeper of Traken,” began the Fifth, “he turned Logopolis into a planet of fire!”

The Sixth scowled. “He thought of the Rani as a utopia, did you know? He certainly made his mark on her.”

“He’s one of the last of the Time Lords,” remarked the Seventh Doctor. “When you hear the sound of drums, gentleman, don’t think the curse of fatal death is upon you. Remember the caves on Androzani,” he said. “The key to dealing with the Master is survival.”
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