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Desires by Ceefax The Sane [Reviews - 5] Printer


By Ceefax


A gust of cold wind infiltrated the SUV's interior as Ianto climbed hastily into the back, laden with shopping.

"I've got a brilliant idea," Owen announced from the front passenger seat, "let's give up and go home."

"Ham and cheese..." Ianto handed Jack an overpackaged sandwich. "Pineapple flavoured sparkling water..."

Jack craned around to take the bottle, leaning his elbow on the steering wheel. "Thank you."

"You great ponce," Owen told him, not unkindly.

"BLT," Ianto continued, passing Owen's food forward. "Coke, muffin and, as requested, porn."

The glossy magazine landed on Owen's lap. "Very funny. I meant straight porn."

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