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1. Chapter 1 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 36] (3395 words)
This story started off as a horribly bitter companion piece to Journey’s End. But as often occurs with the stories I write, it got away from me a little bit, and by the time I was halfway finished, I realized it wasn’t quite as bitter anymore. And neither was I.
Copyright Notice: If I actually owned anything worthwhile do you seriously think I’d be wasting my time writing fanfiction? As a side note, any superficial similarities you may find in this story to the excellent fan video “Nobody Sees” by seduff are not at all coincidental and entirely a result of the fact that I cannot get the damn thing out of my head.
Musical Accompaniment: “Second Best” and “Home”- both by Barenaked Ladies, “When I See You Smile”- Bad English.

2. Chapter 2 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 8] (3904 words)

3. Chapter 3 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 3] (1922 words)

4. Chapter 4 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 7] (2059 words)

5. Chapter 5 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 4] (2093 words)

6. Chapter 6 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 7] (3262 words)

7. Chapter 7 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 4] (2718 words)
A little less conversation, a little more action, please.

8. Chapter 8 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 4] (3690 words)

9. Chapter 9 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 4] (3576 words)

10. Chapter 10 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 6] (6294 words)

11. Chapter 11 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 5] (3107 words)

12. Chapter 12 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 9] (8796 words)
If you have issues with two consenting, heterosexual adults engaging in a perfectly natural, physical expression of their mutual affection...how do you ever manage to read fanfiction? Consider yourself warned.

13. Chapter 13 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 15] (3526 words)
At this, the unofficial halfway point in the story, I thought I'd take the time to thank those who have stuck with it thus far. If you're interested in soldiering on, I can promise biweekly updates with a little more smut, a bucketful of angst, one huge cliche, and a resolution to start off the new year. Hope you enjoy it.

14. Chapter 14 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 12] (4133 words)

15. Chapter 15 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 7] (3855 words)

16. Chapter 16 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 15] (4211 words)
Turning the angst-o-meter up to eleven.

17. Chapter 17 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 9] (5467 words)

18. Chapter 18 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 2] (3830 words)
Merry Christmas everyone! Or Happy Christmas, as the case may be. Please accept this unprecedented two chapter posting as my gift to you.

19. Chapter 19 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 4] (3602 words)
Putting the capital ‘C’ in Cliché.

20. Chapter 20 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 12] (5337 words)

21. Chapter 21 by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 8] (6493 words)

22. Epilogue by ZephyrHawk [Reviews - 45] (812 words)
Happy New Year, everyone! I wanted to take this time to thank all of you who have stuck with me through the length and breadth of this story. Looking back over the past year, I think that the time I enjoyed myself the most, the time I felt most alive, was when I was writing this tale. I hope that I was able to pass on some small portion of that to you, dear readers. Best of luck in the year to come, and here’s wishing that your future brings all that you hope for.

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