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Reach Out by samfeasor [Reviews - 1] Printer

Dear Donna and Dad:

Hello! I was on the planet Grefftan the other day, and I found a postal service office. Did you know that entire planets full of people communicate by writing one another letters? I think that's brilliant! I thought I would try my hand at it, and save the letter for one I found a temporal postal service. One must exist, right? It took me a few hours to work out writing, but it's not much harder to write a letter than to write service orders, and I got the hang of it quite nicely, if I do say so myself. (I do! Of course I do! What a silly way to say something.)

I'm forty-three days old today. Yesterday I met... well, she said not to tell you. Spoilers. But we met for tea. I'd never had tea before. She rang me up on my portable communicator (I was still on Grefftan) and said to be at such-and-such place at such-and-such time and we'd have tea. I know, Dad, I know: don't have tea with strangers! But I didn't know what tea was, and she certainly didn't seem like a stranger.

Anyway, she wished me a happy forty-two and we had tea! Can we have tea sometime, Donna? I'd have tea with Dad, but I don't think he could quite sit still for it. I suppose I wouldn't mind that, but I'd have to run off with him and then we'd miss tea entirely. You understand, right Dad?

I like tea quite a bit. All those free radicals and tannins! Refreshing. I think that's the best word for it.

Today, after I finish this letter, I'm flying to the planet Hoosh. They're having a bit of a war there, and I thought I'd see if I can help them out. Not everyone knows that there are other ways to stop conflicts besides fighting, right? Don't worry, you two, I've done this before. When I was thirty-two I went to Jimmsit and helped them solve their war problems. It took more than a week, but eventually they realized that they had more in common than they thought. I wish you'd been there for that. Both of you.

Well, time for me to get going! I hope I see you both soon. I don't suppose you're coming back to my time soon, but I'll figure out that whole time travel thing eventually, and I'll come visit you. In the meantime, give my best to Martha and I love you both!

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