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Eighth Doctor
Lifesaver by EJA [Reviews - 0] Printer
Author's Notes:
I'm aware that in the final episode "Blake", Roj Blake says that a certain character is dead, but for the purposes of this story, I'm assuming he was just being manipulative and/or was misinformed.

Kyla's mind was ablaze with terror as he sat strapped into his seat in the ship's cockpit, eyes fixed on the planet rapidly closing in on them on the viewscreen. He coughed out fumes that invaded his lungs and glanced across at his mother sat in the next seat. Her thick blonde hair was in total disarray as she frantically worked the controls in an attempt to save them. "It's no good, I can't maintain power," she yelled over the crackling of machinery and the blaring of the emergency klaxon. "Brace yourself, we're heading for a rough planetfall!"

"We're gonna die, aren't we?" Kyla cried as the craft entered the planet's atmosphere with a rumble and a sharp, increasing whine.

"No!" His mothers' voice was firm as she turned to look at him. "We will get through this, we just have to hold on. Trust me, we'll be alright."

* * *

The Doctor had been quietly enjoying himself, skipping stones across the small lake in the forest, when his ears picked up the low, distant roaring sound intruding on the tranquility. He looked up in time to see the flaming form of a spacecraft hurtling from the sky, a trail of vapour streaming out behind it. It vanished beyond a small hill a short distance away, and sent an explosive crash reverberating through the woodland as it impacted.

"I knew the quiet wouldn't last," the Doctor muttered, running towards the crash site.

* * *

Kyla was crouched over his mother's unconscious body on the ground just beyond the smouldering wreck of their ship, trying to stop the flow of blood from the nasty cut on her forehead, when he heard something moving in the foliage, getting closer. Expecting some savage alien monstrosity or armed Federation troops to lunge out at them, he was somewhat relieved to see a man with long brown hair, dressed in strange archaic clothes like what they used to wear a thousand years ago on Earth, emerge from the forest. "I'm the Doctor, are you alright?" the man asked urgently as he ran towards them. Looking at him, Kyla instinctively knew he could trust him.

"It's my mum," he panted as the stranger knelt down next to them. "We were attacked by a Federation ship. Mum managed to destroy it, but we were too badly damaged. We got away from the wreck, but then she collapsed!"

The man examined her for a moment, then looked up. "Are there any medical supplies on your ship?" he asked.

"I...I think so," Kyla replied. "In the sleeping quarters."

"Stay here with her," the man said, getting to his feet. "We might just be able to save her. There should be something on the TARDIS too."

* * *

"Thanks for everything, Doctor," Kyla's mother said as she, her son, and the Doctor emerged from the TARDIS into the noise-filled air of the capital city on Mononna XII. "We might have been stranded on that planet without you." She had her arm around Kyla's shoulders as they faced him. The wound on her forehead was covered by a healing patch, and the damage would soon be repaired.

"It's what I do," the Doctor responded. "Are you sure you and your son will be able to purchase a new ship here?"

"Oh, yeah," Kyla said. "Mum's got plenty of credits on her, and she knows people here who can help."

"Good," the Doctor said, smiling. "Well, I have to be going now. Goodbye, and take care." He shook their hands, and had turned to go when he stopped and turned back. "Sorry, but....did I get your name?"

The beautiful woman who was Kyla's mother appeared to carefully consider, and then grinned. "It's Jenna."

The Doctor was silent for a brief moment, almost as if something was familiar to him. But then he just smiled again and said "It's been a pleasure making the acquaintance of you and your son, Jenna," before disappearing back inside the TARDIS. A moment later, the TARDIS and the Doctor had faded away, and Jenna and Kyla began to walk into the city.

The adventures went on....
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