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1. Chapter 1 - There's No Place Like Home by Chryse [Reviews - 14] (4143 words)
I've been a Doctor Who fan for about the past 30 years, and loved the Peter Davison era.
Please be patient for updates, I'm a mother of 3 so my spare time is limited!

Thanks for reading :)

2. Chapter 2 - A Home From Home by Chryse [Reviews - 7] (8048 words)
References to the BFA 'Primeval' - a good listen for all Nyssa fans if you've not already heard it!

3. Chapter 3 - A Serene Inquisition by Chryse [Reviews - 4] (8049 words)
Events take a turn for the worse on Serenity as Nyssa and Adric learn of their role in Serenite history, and the Doctor finds himself on trial for his life...

Phew! Sorry for the long delay between updates, but this chapter turned into a bit of a monster! Enjoy :)

4. Chapter 4 - Sign of the Divine by Chryse [Reviews - 2] (8076 words)
The Doctor's fate hangs in the balance, as a drugged Adric is at the mercy of the Grey Brethren...

5. Chapter 5 - Mind Games by Chryse [Reviews - 3] (8207 words)
Nyssa's revelation in the Sanctum has repercussions as the cause of the voices becomes clear...

NB Please read JenL25's 'Togetherness' for a much better attempt at Time Lord/Trakenite mental contact than mine :)

6. Chapter 6 - Breakfast and Blood by Chryse [Reviews - 1] (8675 words)
The Doctor discovers more about Adric's disappearance, while Suren gives Tegan a lesson in Serenite history, revealing more about the nature of the Source...

7. Chapter 7 - Playing Parts by Chryse [Reviews - 1] (6572 words)
As Serenity prepares a feast fit for a goddess, not all parties are comfortable with the parts they must play...

8. Chapter 8 - Preparations and Prophecies by Chryse [Reviews - 0] (5814 words)
As the Feast draws near, all parties begin their final preparations...

Apologies for the length of time between updates. The next chapter should be up soon, thanks for your patience. I hope you continue to enjoy it; as always any comments or criticisms are gratefully received. And thanks to the admin who pointed out my woefully inadequate dialogue punctuation! :)

9. Chapter 9 - A Divine Feast by Chryse [Reviews - 2] (7969 words)
The elite of Serenity pay tribute to their Lady, but a few uninvited guests mean not everything goes to plan...

Again, apologies for the long delays between updates - this story has grown beyond everything I imagined, but unfortunately my free time has inversely reduced. If there's anyone still sticking with it, thanks It will be finished, I promise!

10. Chapter 10 - Graduation Day by Chryse [Reviews - 1] (11335 words)
Events take a turn for the worse on Serenity as the gathering crowds of angry citizens close in on the Civic Centre, loyalties are tested, and secrets are revealed...

We're on the final stretch now, only one chapter to go! Thanks for sticking with it, and special thanks to Elanor who inspired and encouraged me to get off my arse and finish this chapter :)

11. Chapter 11 - Descent by Chryse [Reviews - 0] (7292 words)
Events on Serenity descend into anarchy as the Doctor and Tegan race to save Nyssa and Adric from certain death... (Looks like I was wrong about one more chapter to go.... the next one is the last, I promise!)

12. Chapter 12 - Transit by Chryse [Reviews - 2] (10202 words)
'Like pilgrims to the appointed place we tend; the world's an inn, and death's the journey's end'

This was going to be the last chapter. It really, really was. But like all things, it got too big, so now it's the penultimate chapter. I swear by her holiness St Lalla that the next one will be the last!!!

13. Chapter 13 - Terminus by Chryse [Reviews - 1] (19187 words)
Things take a turn for the worst in the Source Lab, as identities are revealed and society begins to disintegrate...

Well, it's finished at long last! Thanks to anyone who has ever taken the time to read it, even if you didn't get past the first chapter (I don't blame you, turns out I can't say anything quickly). Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to leave a review, each and every one of them are much appreciated. And finally thanks to Elanor, without whom this probably wouldn't have been finished. Hope you enjoy it xxx

14. Epilogue by Chryse [Reviews - 2] (2698 words)
Loose end tying. Couldn't resist :)

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