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1. Prologue by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (1035 words)
Takes place immediately after In the Twilight Kingdom, although the characters explain bits that happened previously.

2. Chapter 1 by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (1114 words)
Margaret, Mike's niece, is also a Time Lord. Her story, and how she regenerated, is told in The Journey Home and A New Heaven and Earth.

3. Chapter 2 by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (2011 words)
This takes place after "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang," but before "Reset." There aren't any spoilers for Season 2 of Torchwood. Octavius made Jack's acquaintance in In the Twilight Kingdom. There is some mention made of "Last of the Time Lords," for those trying to avoid spoilers.

4. Chapter 3 by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (1093 words)

5. Chapter 4 by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (1794 words)

6. Chapter 5 by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (2615 words)
I'm selectively ignoring Lungbarrow...although given this chapter, who's to say what's real and what isn't?

7. Chapter 6 by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (1427 words)
There's some mention made of "Project: Lazarus".

8. Chapter 7 by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (1633 words)
I reference the Big Finish audio, "Project: Lazarus." Also, St. Leibowitz is a reference to A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter Miller.

9. Chapter 8 by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (1040 words)
The discussion of biogenic molecules is coming from the BFA, "Zagreus."

10. Chapter 9 by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (1367 words)

11. Chapter 10 by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (1055 words)

12. Chapter 11 by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (1241 words)

13. Chapter 12 by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (1432 words)
This one gets a bit tense, but nothing overly graphic. Petra was introduced in A New Heaven and Earth.

14. Chapter 13 by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (1471 words)

15. Chapter 14 by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (1496 words)

16. Chapter 15 by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (1362 words)

17. Chapter 16 by Ciaviel [Reviews - 0] (1877 words)

18. Epilogue by Ciaviel [Reviews - 1] (1021 words)

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