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Sixth Doctor
Popularity. by Ms Boku [Reviews - 6] Printer

Near a park full of parents and children, the familiar groaning, wheezing sound of the TARDIS could be heard. It materalized between two trees. The Doctor opened the door. He exited, indignant. "Not popular! Not popular! I will prove it to you just how popular I am! Now come out!’

‘Come on, Doctor, you don’t have to do this,’ Peri complained, closing the doors behind her.

‘No, no, no, I insist. You brought this on yourself.’

‘I’m sorry. I only meant that not everybody knows you. Now can we go?’

‘Absolutely not! I will show you how well known I am.’

Peri huffed. ‘Ok, fine. Where are we?’

‘Earth. Where adults love me and children adore me.’

She rolled her eyes. 'So now what? I don’t see your fans anywhere.’

The Doctor shot her a look and was about to protest when he felt a tug in his coattail. He looked down to see a child about six years old looking at him, wide-eyed and nervous.

He looked at Peri with a smirk. ‘You see. I am well known.’ He turned to the child and spoke quite cheerfully. ‘Hello. What can I do for you?’

‘Um… can I have your autograph?’

‘It would be my pleasure.’ As he signed the paper, he cast an 'ah ha' look to Peri. He gave the child back his paper, smiling proudly.

Peri rolled her eyes.

The child ran off, excited. The Doctor was about to speak when he heard the child shout, ‘Mommy! Mommy! I got Ronald McDonald's autograph!’

The Doctor’s eyes flared.

Peri did all she could to contain her laugh.

He squinted his eyes angrily and looked directly into Peri’s eyes (who was trying with all her might to hide a smile) and spoke.
‘Not-one-word.’ He walked directly back to the TARDIS, leaving an air of anger in his wake.

Peri smiled and shook her head and went back to the TARDIS. ‘Yup. You’re well known, all right.’ She took a deep breath and entered the TARDIS, which disappeared to continue the travels through time and space, where the Doctor was well known.
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