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Quiet Joy by Texasgal [Reviews - 4] Printer
Author's Notes:
Part of the Life, Whatever That Means series.

Summer is Rose Tyler's favorite time of the year. The sun shines brightly and the winds lose their ferocious chill. During the summer Rose and Sarah practically live on their isolated stretch of beach. They chase seagulls and play tag with the crashing waves. Tide-pools provide mysterious microcosms to explore. They climb rocks and catalog the shapes that roll by in the clouds.

Lunch comes in the form of sandwiches, fruit, and tarts drawn from the depths of a wicker basket. Sarah nibbles her crusts and begs to hear more stories about her parents' adventures. Rose happily obliges her.

Late afternoon is the only time they spend in separate occupation. This is the time that Rose writes and watches her daughter play. Sarah is five now and beginning to test her wings. She still keeps her mother in sight, but it seems that she wanders a little farther away each day. Her curiosity and boundless enthusiasm remind Rose so much of him.

Sarah's current obsession is preparing and examining slides for her new microscope. She is extremely focused on her task. The look on her face transports Rose to another time and place. He often wore that same expression while working on the TARDIS.

She allows her mind to wander a bit, and for just an instant she can see him. He's kneeling in the sand next to their daughter, his glasses perched on the end of his nose, exuberantly explaining something they've seen it the microscope. A gull screeches and the illusion shatters.

Rose fights back the lingering feelings of injustice and longing. She reminds herself that the here and now is all she has. It is a life of quiet joy fueled by the love of a miraculous and precious child. And slowly but surely it is becoming enough.
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