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Tenth Doctor
She Lies by Texasgal [Reviews - 4] Printer

She lies to him standing on that forsaken beach in Norway. It was not premeditated, but the choice became clear as soon as she realized that he could not come for her. Even after she makes the choice, the truth almost slips out. The look on his face at the mere mention of a child makes the lie easier for her to speak. She will not take one more thing away from him. He carries enough grief and guilt on his shoulders without her adding to his burden.

She lies again when he asks what she will do with this life that has been forced upon her. The truth is bound up in her first lie. She left Torchwood as soon as she discovered that she was expecting. It seems easier to let him think that she is there still. His pride in her twists at her gut.

She lies so that he can find some measure of peace. She lies to protect them both. The lies give hope where there is none to be found. For him, it is the hope that she will have the fantastic life that he knows to be her destiny. For her, it is the hope that one day he will be able to hear her confession.
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