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Eighth Doctor, Multi-Era
Old faces Familiar Faces by shoriasblackheart [Reviews - 1] Printer
Author's Notes:
I needed to do this so in chapter five of my fanfiction After Image, you'll know how Charley and C'rizz came to be in Cybermen hands.

I don't own Doctor Who. It belongs to the BBC.

Charley stretched her legs, and sighed contently. The nice little island the Doctor had dropped C’rizz and her on was a lovely place. It was warm all day and night, and the waters were cool and clear. Charley wasn’t sure if she had ever seen a place more beautiful. On earth anyway.

“C’rizz, are you ever going to come over and sit with me?”

C’rizz seemed to enjoy the area as well, but as usual was being a little anti-social. For a moment he looked over at her with his crimson eyes and then nodded. “Alright, I’m coming.”

He joined her on the peer, and also put his feet in the water. For a moment they sat in silence and enjoyed the feel of the cool sea breeze against their faces. After a few minutes though, C’rizz shot back up and began to pace.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t know honestly,” he admitted, and sat back down with her. She put a hand against his shoulder and smiled. “I just think that something is going to happen to the Doctor and I know I shouldn’t worry but I do.”

“Its alright to worry. it’s a perfectly normal thing to do. But he’s the Doctor, you don’t have to worry about him too much. What ever he faces, I know he will deal with it.”

“And that isn’t the only thing. I’m worried about this.”

He pulled a news paper from his pocket and showed her. As soon as she saw the image on the news paper she felt her heart sink. Cybermen. There was no mistaking them. They were thinner and stranger looking then any Cybermen she had ever seen. They had formed some short of new country called Union and were seen last in Britain. ‘Hostile action to be expected…’

“I think your worry for the Doctor is even more expect after seeing something like this. Cybermen living on earth, they even have their own country. What is the world coming to?

“You think we should go and look for him?”

“I do think we should. Britain?”

“Britain,” he said, and smiled. He helped her up and together they made their way to the town.

------A few hours later----

It was a cold morning in London, the air moved harshly against her skin and she was suddenly thankful that she had not left her warm jacket with the Doctor. She looked around and found that London, despite the age, still had very much the same feel as it did in 1930. There were more people, that much she could tell. As she navigated the crowd, she was glad that C’rizz had decided to wear his hat.

“So where do you think we would be?”

“Look,” he said, pointing. She looked over to where he was pointing and saw the TARDIS. “We know he has to be somewhere around here if that’s here.”

She looked around the area. Now, if she was The Doctor, where would she be? Of course, nearest to where the trouble with Cybermen was happening. She pulled the newspaper from her pocket and scanned the article. Sounded to her like the Cybermen were popping up down town. She took C’rizz by the arm and they made their way there.

“You know, sometimes I hate humanity,” he said gruffly, and she looked at him.

“Why do you say that?”

“They breed like mammals.”

“Cause that is what we are! Now, lets stop talking about that, we’re here.”

C’rizz looked around the area once, and scuffed. What a place for humans to live in, he thought, so cramp and small. It reminded him of the old palaces back home. With a shack of his head, the two of them began to look around for any clues. They made their way towards the court house and were surprise when they saw the remains of some kind of guns and to their surprise the sonic screwdriver.

“He was here! But why would he leave this behind?”

Her question was answered right away with a mechanized voice ringing out behind them. “CONVERT THE HUMANS! TAKE THE ALIEN!”

“C’rizz, meet the Cybermen,” Charley said and moaned. What a way to be welcome back to action.

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