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First Doctor
Geodesy by KerrAvonsen [Reviews - 1] Printer
Author's Notes:
This is the first time the Doctor meets Methos (though not the first time Methos meets the Doctor!). It's in the Library of Alexandria, but I couldn't fit that in and keep it a drabble.

That branch of applied mathematics which determines, by means of observations and measurements, the figures and areas of large portions of the earth's surface, or the general figure and dimensions of the earth; or that branch of surveying in which the curvature of the earth is taken into account, as in the surveys of States, or of long lines of coast. (Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913))

"Of course the world is round!" His toga spoke of riches, his white head of age, but perhaps not wisdom. "Simple geometry proves it so!"

Methos smoothed the sand-table in front of him, and handed the old man a stylus, raising one eyebrow.

"Is that a challenge, young man?"

Methos suppressed a smile. "I am here to learn."

"Humph!" The man drew a diagram on the damp sand, a circle and lines, and propounded an experiment for measuring shadows at noon.

"But surely that assumes that the sun's rays are parallel?" Methos drew another diagram.

"At last, an intelligent pupil!"

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