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Five Ways Life Moved on for Rose Tyler and One Way it Never Did by Texasgal [Reviews - 7] Printer
Author's Notes:
This was my first attempt at fanfic. I'm still not completely happy with it. I decided to post it because it spawned the other stories I've already posted here.

Five Ways Life Moved On for Rose Tyler and One Way It Never Did


She awoke in an unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar room, in an unfamiliar world. Somewhere in the back of her mind she had a vague recollection of her family bringing her here after Pete and Mickey had carried her away from the cold, blank wall, sobbing and struggling to stay. They had given her something and she had no idea how long it had been since the world had faded mercifully to nothingness. The sun was shining brightly as she stepped cautiously out onto the balcony. As impossible as it seemed the sun had risen, the start of her first day without him. The thought caused her breath to catch for a moment, and yet, the sun kept shining and Rose Tyler kept breathing. Life, whatever that meant now, moved on.


Rose Tyler stood in a secluded corner of the room and watched her parents dance with each other. Jackie was thriving in this new universe. It was as if her life had been on hold for the past twenty years and only now was she able to actually live. Pete and Jackie had “renewed” their wedding vows in a beautiful ceremony earlier in the day. She had been watching them all through the party that followed. It warmed her heart to see them so much in love. It had been a difficult path, but the pair was dedicated to making the relationship work. Pete had even expressed the desire for the three of them to be a family. He had made mistakes in the past but Rose was starting to feel like he really wanted to be her dad. Her family was finally whole and yet she was incomplete. She couldn’t help but wonder if she would ever be as lucky as her own mother. What was twenty years compared with forever?


The card on the door read “Rose Tyler, Special Consultant.” Behind the door was a well-lit, spacious office and workroom. The view from the large window was breathtaking. The thought of this being her office sent little shivers through Rose. It was miles from her first job in the shops. She reached into her shoulder bag and began to take out a few things to make the space feel more hers. A small double frame containing pictures of her parents and Mickey was placed next to the desk phone. She held the next item in her hands for a few minutes. The Doctor grinned out from the frame. Her old cell phone had held unexpected treasures when she had finally remembered its existence. Rose set the silver frame carefully on her desk, next to the computer monitor, and settled in to work.


Rose stared incredulously at the nurse. There had to be some mistake or confusion of records. She was only here because she had the flu or some sort of stomach virus. “Are you sure that you have the correct chart?” The nurse frowned and flipped through the pages in her hand.

“Miss Tyler, there’s no mistake on our part. The blood work confirms the pregnancy.” Rose leaned back and closed her eyes. The words not possible, not possible were ringing in her ears. The words didn’t stop until she heard the nurse say, “Ready for another surprise, Miss Tyler? It’s still a bit early, but there’s a good chance you’re having twins. I’m fairly certain I hear two hearts beating.”


She stood on the rocks staring off into the horizon. He had flashed brilliantly and quickly into her life again on this beach. All her hopes had shattered as soon as she realized that she couldn’t touch him; that he hadn’t been able to come for her. And then Time had cheated them cruelly again. Two minutes. Not long enough to say what needed to be said. In the fragile remnants of her heart she knew what he had been prevented from telling her. She had always known. Not always understood but always known that he loved her. Loves her still. The thought of him alone and grieving again tore at her heart. She longed for him to be happy and loved even if she is not the one there holding his hand. Impossible to see him again. Impossible to touch him again. It was too much. How could she possibly have the fantastic life he wanted for her without him in it? An odd sensation shook her out of her misery and back to reality. It happened a second time and she realized what it was, the first fluttery movements of the new life growing inside her.


A little girl danced in the edges of the waves, her ginger curls tossed about by the breeze. She turned and waved at her mother who was standing farther down the beach. Rose hurriedly wiped the tears from her face and waved back. Life moved on but she had never been able to leave this beach. She glanced at the cottage standing on a low rise that overlooked the shore, the cottage where she was raising their child and writing her books. The stories were her gift to her daughter, a way for the child to know her father. The Doctor would have laughed to see his life labeled science fiction. His ego would have been insufferable if he had known they were bestsellers. A giggle and a tug on her jacket brought her back from her thoughts. Gray-blue eyes stared up at her. “What is it Sarah?” Sarah grinned her father’s grin and spread her arms as if to fly.

“Can you feel it Mummy? Can you feel us spinning and flying through space?” Rose looked back once more to the place she had last seen him. She swung her daughter up into her arms.

“Yes, love, I believe I can.”

If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life.
— Oscar Wilde
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