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Tenth Doctor
To Have And Not To Hold by mtemplar [Reviews - 266] Printer Chapter or Story
Author's Notes:
Vingt-Huit: "Do your worst, Rose Tyler."

Do your worst, Rose Tyler.

Rose fully intended to do just that, slowly drawing the maroon plush bedcovering away from the Doctor's body. He fidgeted nervously and shifted in the bed, and she sat back on her heels, admiring his form as it was gradually revealed to her. While he was not overly muscular, his lithe form was a symphony of male planes and angles, trailing into a flat abdomen and slim, squared hips. He was only wearing his boxers, and Rose buzzed with the thought of how very accessible that made him.

The Doctor looked up at her, wide eyes taking her in. He looked breathtakingly handsome, with his skin glowing in the firelight, and freshly washed hair falling softly to his forehead instead of sticking up at crazy angles. Rose's mouth ran dry and she licked her lips nervously, wondering how best to please him.

"Rose," the Doctor said softly, and reached out a hand to her as his eyes went to half-mast. Rose took it in hers and pressed a quick kiss to his palm before releasing him, her shaking hands moving to the fastenings of her robe. His eyes darkened further as she slowly slid the reddish-orange silk from her skin and dropped it to the floor with slippers following, leaving her in only her camisole and knickers.

Picking up his foot, she kissed the top of it, sliding her lips and tongue slowly across his ankle. She could hear the Doctor's breathing becoming more erratic as she continued up his leg, dropping kisses as she went. He shuddered as she kissed up his thigh to the edge of his boxers and he moaned softly, his hands coming off where they had gripped the mattress to reach for her again. She briefly moved into his grasp, smiling as he tentatively ghosted his hands over her arms, moving up to caress her cheek. She turned her head to kiss his fingers and the effect on him was dramatic - he jerked, chest heaving and breath coming in a strangled gasp.

Rose shifted, moving to sit between his parted thighs while he watched her with darkened eyes, darting back and forth across her features. Sliding a hand slowly across his throat, she tangled her fingers in the thick softness of his hair at the back of his head, then slowly moved her hand to force his head back. The Doctor was noticeably shaking as she lowered her face to his, stopping just millimeters from his lips. His breaths were hot and rapid against her mouth as she traced lightly over his lips with her tongue, and he made a sound that was both plaintive and longing before offering his own, making shallow thrusts into her mouth. She slid her tongue against his, delving deeply into his mouth and he yielded with eagerness, sucking gently as his fingers dug into her upper arms. Rose brushed her chest against his and he gasped and arched against her as she continued to explore the interior of his mouth, her tongue twining with his.

Breaking the kiss, she withdrew slightly as the Doctor's hands moved to the fabric of her camisole. The thin fabric gave as he panted heavily and pushed the garment up to her shoulder with one hand before dragging his fingers over the swell of her breast. Rose batted at his hands and moved in to the base of his neck, suddenly wanting very much to mark him as her own. She nudged the Doctor's chin away and sucked hard, as he tilted his head to give her better access. He made a soft keening noise, and she sat back to look at him, flushed and trembling, his lips red from her kisses, the mark she had made on his neck even redder.

"Please," he groaned, the sound caressing her ears. "I... I want...." Feeling emboldened, Rose stretched her body up and slowly removed her camisole, surprised and pleased by the way the Doctor's mouth dropped open as he watched her.

After a moment of silent perusal, he swallowed hard, his Adam's apple bobbing. "So beautiful," he murmured. "You're so beautiful, Rose." Rose smiled as she sat back, fighting the urge to cross her arms over her breasts at his intense scrutiny.

The Doctor raised one leg to move his knee back to his chest, and pointed at her knickers with his toes. "Take them off," he ordered, his voice husky. Rose hesitated, licking her lips before she moved to obey. Rising to her knees, she slid the simple cotton garment past her hips and sat back on her buttocks to work it down and off her feet. She looked up into the Doctor's dark eyes before letting the fabric fall from her grasp to the floor below. She grinned as he squirmed on the bed in appreciation, his cock pushing insistently against the front of his boxers. Leaning forward, she traced her fingers along the waistband of his boxers before slipping underneath. He slammed his hands into the mattress, pushing himself up on his elbows and raising his hips to assist. Rose carefully slipped the undergarment over his cock and down his thighs, tossing it over her shoulder.

She looked down at his erection and gave him a wink. "Looks like you're getting some ideas, there."

"I like ideas, ideas are good," he said darkly. "In fact, I think I'm getting one right now... a very top-end of the clever scale idea... mrrphh!" He was cut off as Rose's lips found his mouth and he was roughly kissed.

She released him, pulling back and grinning. "Thought you said you weren't gonna talk so much!"

"That's... you... not fair!" he managed to get out. Rose decided he still sounded far too eloquent, and moved in to kiss him again until they were both breathless.

She broke the kiss, breathing hard. The Doctor lay still before her, his chest heaving. Rose moved to lie beside him and reached down to touch him, encircling his cock in her grasp and he gasped, turning to bury his face into her hair. She smiled as he moaned and clutched at her hand, curling his fingers around hers as she began to slowly stroke him, his breath tickling her ear. The Doctor groaned softly and began to thrust erratically into her fist, his breaths wildly rapid. Looking down to where she intimately held him, Rose felt her breath catch in her throat at how erotic it seemed. A hand closed on her arm and tugged madly, trying to pull her atop him, and Rose acquiesced, her lips finding his mouth and the Doctor gasped into the rough kiss. Pulling away again, she began a downward trek to explore his body with lips and tongue - down his frantically working throat, his heaving chest with its twin fluttering heartbeats, his twitching abdomen, while he followed her progress with wide eyes.

"Please, Rose - not going to last... " the Doctor moaned as she nipped at the crest of one hip, the rest of what he said coming out garbled and choked as he flailed wildly in the bed. Rose quickly grabbed his hips to still him as he tried to arch beneath her. As he began to calm in her hold, she released his grasp on his hips to move over him, her hands pressed to the mattress on either side of his head. She moved to align herself with his cock, and he turned his head to kiss the inside of her wrist as she did so. She wanted to be careful with him, to move with slowness and tenderness - to give him the pleasure that he hadn't had before, but the combination of his urgency, her own arousal and her body's insistence on joining with his immediately were making her good intentions almost impossible. She felt his cock at her entrance, and very gently pushed back on him until he was buried within her, filling and stretching her once again as he gasped and cried out beneath her.

It shouldn't be so amazing, Rose thought, but it was. After a moment, she began to move on him, her pace unhurried as he showed his appreciation with shallow upward thrusts, his hips rocking into hers. She tilted her head back and held on to him tightly, letting the sound of his moans wash over her ears as she moved gently on him to try to elicit more such noises.

As her need heightened, she began to quicken her pace, feeling the coil of pleasure beginning to tighten in her belly. The Doctor's moans had been reduced to broken, stuttered pleas and Rose continued to work him, trying to hold off her own climax for as long as she could. It was all that she had ever wanted, ever dared to imagine, and it was perfect. His shuddering body was held tightly between her knees, his hands at her waist to assist her, and she could smell the warm, sensual scent of the oil that she had used to bathe him intermingled with the spicy smell of his sweat and sex. His voice sounded raw now, and his hands moved to tangle in her hair, tracing a path to her temples. She didn't want to lose control of the moment and carefully shook her head to dislodge his grip. He submitted, trembling as his fingers trailed down her arms to the sides of her chest, to anchor her as he thrust up. He shouted out noisily as his climax hit him and he came inside her, and Rose was suddenly flooded with liquid warmth and bright pleasure. It felt distinct and almost strange - and seemed to originate from outside herself. Could it be his artron? The fleeting thought vanished as she continued to move on him and came with a hoarse cry, with all of her complicated feelings and emotions colliding and exploding behind her tightly closed eyelids. She collapsed to his chest, pressing a kiss to his shoulder as her orgasm faded.

There was tenderness afterward - shy touches and soft strokes, gentle kisses and the press of a cool body to her own. Rose trailed her fingers over the Doctor's damp forehead as he curled toward her, sated and drowsy. She could tell that he was fighting the urge to sleep, and she traced over where the wound had been on his chest. He moaned, husky and soft, his voice ragged from his own completion, and Rose pressed her naked body to his.

He tilted his head back, blinking tiredly at her. "How long," he started, his voice raw with emotion. "How long will you stay with me?"

"Forever," she responded without hesitation, gazing into his hooded eyes. "I'll stay with you forever."

His breath hitching, he clutched her to him tightly, kissing her eyes closed. She snuggled up to the coolness of his chest as he moved to rest his chin on her head, and slowly ran her hand up and down his side as his breathing slowed. Succumbing to her own post-coital lethargy, she fell asleep with the beating of his hearts in her ear.


Rose slowly woke from her slumber, rubbing at her eyes to clear her sleep-blurred vision. The room gradually came into view, lit by the now cheerfully flickering fire. She saw that her clothes had been carefully folded on one of the wooden chairs that had been moved to her side of the bed, her TARDIS key gleaming on top of the pile. A quick glance around the room revealed no evidence of the Doctor's presence. She was alone.

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