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Tenth Doctor
To Have And Not To Hold by mtemplar [Reviews - 266] Printer Chapter or Story
Author's Notes:
Vingt-Deux: In which the Doctor's clever plan goes awry....

Rose watched as Melina released her hold on the Doctor's temple and he slumped back down to the surface of the flat rock, a dazed look on his face.

"That's much better," Melina purred. "Now we can proceed with what should have been before the human female so rudely interfered." Melina suddenly glanced around and Rose had to quickly duck back behind the rock to conceal her presence. "Where is she? I'm surprised she isn't here trying to stop me." Melina smirked and turned back to her captive. "She's quite attached to you, you know. No matter - I have enough power to kill her quite easily if she happens to show herself."

"Leave Rose out of this!" the Doctor panted breathlessly. "She's no threat to you!"

"Oh, but she is," Melina remarked as she tugged on the cording still draped over the Doctor's chest. She held up one of the cut ends that had fallen to the ground and looked at it closely. "And it looks as though someone is yet again trying to take what is mine," she said, leaning in to speak quietly into his ear. "How terribly naughty. Where is she? I cannot sense her - "

Rose's jaw dropped as Melina was suddenly cut off as the Doctor turned his head and kissed her softly, bringing one of his freed hands up to rest on her cheek. She looked away for a moment, trying to control her emotions. Thinking about cute kitties seemed to work before, she thought to herself, wondering if it would be still be enough to distract her from the sight before her.

The Doctor quickly pulled back to break the kiss as Melina licked her lips. "You - the soporific - " he sputtered. "You drank it?"

"It does not affect me, and my formulation will not mobilize your artron, but there should be enough residue in my mouth to facilitate your cooperation, Time Lord. Do not think that you will be able to distract me," the Sister stated, a sardonic smile crossing her features. "I know exactly what you try to do. If I find the human female, I will have no qualms about ending her life right here in front of you while you watch." Taking a seat on the rock alongside the Doctor, Melina ran a fingertip down the front of his dress shirt, which looked starkly white in the absence of his usual tie. "I shall so enjoy breaking you." Rose saw the Doctor shudder slightly and hoped against hope that the combination of soporific and Melina's bond wouldn't affect their plan. She briefly wondered how long it would take Ohica to recover her strength... and if Lyra was still alive.

"But - time runs short, and that is most... unfortunate," Melina said as she threaded her hands under the looped cords to go to work on the buttons of the Doctor's shirt. "I've been looking forward to this since the moment I laid eyes on you, and I do hate to be rushed." Leaning forward, she kissed the newly exposed skin at the hollow of his neck. "I would love to take the time to map out the entirety of your lovely, lovely body," she said, pausing as she opened the remaining buttons of his pinstriped jacket and shirt. "Find all of those secret places that make you squirm and moan in pleasure." Rose shuddered as she listened to Melina's syrupy voice, her stomach churning. She knew that Melina had to be distracted for her to even have a chance to sneak up on them, but just how far was the Doctor going to take this? She heard the Doctor's low moan and peeked around the rock to see Melina's fingers at his temples again. Kitty pouncing on a toy mouse....

"So responsive," Melina was crooning to him. "And so easily bent to my will." She released her grip on the Doctor's temples, tracing her fingertips down his bare chest beneath his opened shirt. Placing her palms to either side of his sternum, she slid her hands across his chest, spreading his shirt and jacket wide open beneath the remaining cords that bound him to the rock. "A perfect specimen," she added as she dropped a soft kiss to his abdomen. Rose gritted her teeth, her jaw beginning to ache as she watched the Doctor struggle to hold himself absolutely still, his eyes shut and hands clenched into fists at his sides.

"Ah, if only we had more time. I would have wanted our first coupling to be more... comfortable for you." Melina stroked slowly over the light musculature of the Doctor's abdomen as she spoke. "You should have been with me in that bed - I would give you the pleasure and comfort that your kind foolishly deny yourselves." She dragged the silken fabric of the sleeve of her orange-red robe over his chest, smiling as he jerked, his breath hitching.

"Sensitive, are you?" Melina's smirk spread slowly over her face. "How long have you been in this body?"

"L-long enough," the Doctor stammered as Melina drew the silk of her robe lightly back over his abdomen.

She crouched over his body, her hands sliding beneath the fabric of his clothing over his shoulders. "All of that Time Lord training - teaching you mastery over your engineered bodies - " she said, pressing a quick kiss to his lips. "Denying yourselves pleasure - " she said breathily, pressing another kiss to his lips, longer than the last. "Ignoring the demands of your body until it screams - " Rose watched helplessly as the Doctor pushed himself up on his elbows to return Melina's kiss. Was he 'distracting' her as he said he would, or could he be responding to the bond the Sister had placed on him? She tried to keep her mind clear, but she was transfixed as Melina threaded her fingers through the Doctor's hair to deepen the kiss. Kitty lapping at a bowl of milk....no, no, no!

"You want this," Melina was saying between kisses, her voice breathless. "Without your mental barriers, your body can feel the bond I've placed on you and is begging to be fulfilled." She reached a hand down and cupped the Doctor through the thin fabric of his trousers, pressed, and began to rub against him with slow, circular motions.

The Doctor moaned low and soft, and Rose felt goosebumps prickling up her spine as she continued to watch for her opportunity, desperately trying to keep herself under control. Kitty batting at a toy mouse....

The Doctor was trying to stretch against the cords that bound his waist and lower body, and he arched upwards, grinding against Melina's proffered palm. His eyes slowly blinked open and he regarded Melina muzzily. His lips were reddened from Melina's kisses and Rose's stomach did flip-flops as she watched him lick them. When Melina leaned in to kiss him again, he opened his mouth to her and tentatively returned her kiss, as Melina pushed her tongue between his lips. Melina eventually broke the kiss for air, but kept her face close to his. The Doctor was almost imperceptibly trembling, and Rose watched as he pushed slightly closer to Melina, reaching down with his hand to cover hers. Kitty!

The Doctor was muttering incoherently as Melina continued her ministrations. He tilted his head back, showing his throat, and Melina immediately pressed forward to lick and nip at his exposed flesh. She left off stroking him to work at the closure of his trousers, and Rose felt her heart clench in her chest as she saw the Doctor clumsily attempt to help.

Melina batted the Doctor's hands aside as she finally succeeded in opening the front of his trousers, and easily slid her hand under the waistband of his boxers. He jerked against her and whimpered, trapped by her mouth at his throat.

Rose felt the bile rising in her throat - she didn't want to watch this, but she had no choice. She couldn't let the Doctor come undone at Melina's hand - if she obtained any more artron, she'd be unstoppable. Even though she wasn't sure if he'd be able to keep up his part of the plan, she had to continue to watch for any sign of an opportunity.

Melina had released the Doctor's throat, and he turned his head immediately, pressing his face hard into her shoulder.

"It's ok," she murmured to him as she continued to stroke him. "I'm going to make you forget everything... except for who I am and how I will make you feel. With my mental power, I can be whoever you want me to be... even your hearts' desire...."

"Rose?" The Doctor was looking blearily into Melina's eyes and Rose's stomach dropped in dismay. So much for the kitties, she thought dully. Melina may as well just kill me now.

"I will break your bond to the human female," Rose heard Melina tell the Doctor. "Perhaps I will even let her go. The surface dwellers could always use more... slave labor. I still do not understand why you bonded yourself to a human. Their lives are so desperately short - she will die all too soon and you will be left alone... again."

"No," the Doctor groaned, his hips beginning to jerk as Melina started to ramp up the speed of her strokes. Rose saw movement out of the corner of her eye and watched incredulously as she saw Lyra begin to stir and Ohica move to assist her. She was alive! Bolstered by this knowledge, Rose renewed her efforts to suppress her emotions. Kitty!

Unfortunately, Melina noticed the recovery of the two Sisters as well and withdrew her hand from the Doctor's boxers, moving both of her hands to the top of his trousers. The Doctor squirmed and clutched at her hands, but she managed to slide his trousers slowly down his hips despite the cords around his waist and legs that still bound him to the rock. Moving to sit astride him, she leaned forward to place her fingertips to his temples. "The human female cannot telepathically stimulate you, can she?" Melina grinned as the Doctor arched up against her, his eyes screwed shut and hands flailing helplessly in the air. "I would love nothing more than to draw this out, but I am afraid I will have other matters to deal with shortly and I need your artron." Melina pressed her fingers more firmly to the Doctor's head and he gasped, his shaky intake of breath cut off as she moved in to kiss him, sucking greedily at his bottom lip. Rose's eyes widened as she saw his hands move from the surface of the rock to slowly trail up Melina's arms, coming to a rest just below her shoulders as she continued to possessively kiss him. Almost imperceptibly, he was beginning to shift her - to his right.

As quietly as she could, Rose got to her feet, moving to the front of the rock that had concealed her presence. The cold metallic hilt of the knife was heavy in her hand and she took a slow deep breath, trying to calm herself. The Doctor was continuing to return Melina's kisses, giving as good as he got even as she tried to adjust her robe and position herself astride his hips. Rose saw that the Sister was still shifted, and she began to creep toward the flat rock. Kitty stalking a toy mouse, creeping slowly along the floor....

As Rose came within touching distance of the flat rock, she saw the Doctor open his eyes, distress on his features. Kitty crouched and ready to pounce....

"Rose," he murmured as Melina nipped at his lips and rubbed herself against him. "Please...."

Rose raised the knife above her head, gritted her teeth and plunged the blade into the Doctor's left chest, feeling a sickening crunch as the blade passed by one of his ribs. He cried out in agony and Rose stared for a moment at the hilt protruding from his skin in shock, her heart racing in her panic. Melina was also now staring at the knife as the Doctor's blood began to well up around the entry point of the blade. She tried to roll off of him, but the Doctor caught her around the waist with his right hand, holding her in a vise-like grip as she struggled to free herself. Remembering the Doctor's instructions, Rose tugged hard on the hilt of the knife to pull it out from its position between his ribs, a bright red jet of blood released as the knife came free in her hands. She staggered back, dropping the knife to the floor, looking on in horror at what she'd done as the Doctor struggled to breathe while hugging Melina to his chest, his skin beginning to glow with a golden hue.

Rose shielded her eyes as a blinding golden light shot through with glittering sparkles suddenly obscured the two figures on the rock.

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