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Tenth Doctor
To Have And Not To Hold by mtemplar [Reviews - 266] Printer Chapter or Story
Author's Notes:
Seize: Une danse continue pour deux....

"Rose." The Doctor was breathlessly murmuring her name into the hollow of her neck as he fumbled with the hooks of her borrowed robe. She placed the flat of one hand on his temple in an attempt to calm him, rubbing in slow circles. He groaned against her, and scattered goose bumps rose on her skin in the wake of his breath. Rose shivered, clutching at the small of his back.

Finally managing to undo the hooks, he spread the front of her robe open, and Rose felt a flush staining her cheeks at his scrutiny. The pad of one thumb softly traced the edge of her camisole as he propped himself up on one elbow opposite her. His hand moved to one of the thin straps of the camisole, giving it an experimental tug before pulling it down completely. Whispering words of nonsense to her, he moved his hand to lightly skim up her side, tucking a stray lock that had escaped the braid of her hair behind her ear.

He shifted suddenly, pushing himself up above her again, his eyes dilated and wild. Rose's breath caught in her throat as he pulled down the other side of her camisole and moved to settle himself between her thighs. As he pressed a soft kiss to her belly, his hand traced a path through the valley between her breasts, his lips and tongue following. She gasped as his mouth closed around a taut nipple, and buried her hands in his hair to hold him there. Her mouth went dry at the sight of his dark head at her breast, beginning to suckle, his tongue curling about her nipple, sharp teeth scraping at her delicate skin. Sparks shot through her as he shifted to her other breast to repeat his ministrations.

The Doctor paused, breathing raggedly. "Beautiful, you... you're so...." He swallowed hard, shaking his head slightly. Rose could see that he was trembling, trying to keep himself under control. "I - I want...."

"Shhhhhh... " she murmured. "'S ok." She brought a hand up, trailing her fingertips along the side of his face. He watched her with his fiery gaze, his eyes roaming from her lips to her belly. Rose sat up, cupping his cheek to bring his lips to hers. She nipped at his lower lip and pushed her tongue between his lips to twine with his, the kiss wet, soft and messy, and she delighted in his subsequent shudder.

She started, her eyes widening in surprise, as the Doctor suddenly broke the kiss to rip the thin material of the camisole beneath her breasts in two. After a long and appreciative assessment that made her blush hotly, he cupped the weight of her breasts in his hands before moving lower to lap and nip at the sensitive skin of her belly. She jerked from the sudden contact, the voluminous sleeves of the robe that she still wore hindering her efforts to reach for him.

Her desire was climbing rapidly as he continued his gentle mapping of her body. Gasping for breath, she felt a growl vibrate his throat as he reached the hem of the plain cotton knickers she wore. She twitched beneath him as he ran a finger down the front of them, considering the problem. He lightly nipped her over the top of the white cotton, instantly setting her ablaze. She moved to tangle her fingers in his hair, but he shifted, settling his body further down on her thighs, bringing his face closer to the junction of her legs and... oh God. He'd hooked a thumb in her knickers, pulled them to one side and buried his nose in her damp curls, inhaling deeply. She jerked reflexively, the fabric snapping back, barely missing his nose. Before she could register what he was doing, he had grabbed the hem of her knickers, drawing them quickly down over her hips and past her knees, catching them with a well-placed foot to finish pushing them off her ankles.

The room was growing darker, lit now by only glowing embers, and as the Doctor's smoldering gaze roved over her now mostly bare skin, Rose ran a hand over the smooth coolness of one of his shoulders, the light from the fireplace imparting a golden, honeyed hue to his pale skin. She began to pant and shudder in anticipation as she felt his warm breath so close to her core, liquid heat coursing through her body.

Rose jumped slightly as he lowered his head and began to nibble at the inside of one thigh, spreading her legs apart as he pushed himself in between. Her mouth ran dry as she watched him move a hand to her apex, jerking as his fingers parted her folds. His dark head bent closer, his warm tongue snaking out to taste her. Rose couldn't stop her hips from bucking up and gasped as he grasped her buttocks, anchoring himself to push in further. As his tongue traced over her clit, she cried out helplessly, pulsing shocks of pleasure flooding through her body.

"Please - oh God!" Intense pleasure radiated through her as he latched onto the tight bundle of nerves between her folds and began to suck gently. Rose yelped as one of his cool fingers entered her, not as unpleasantly cold as she had imagined, but still unexpected. As he continued to suckle her, Rose's skin was set aflame and she began to greatly appreciate his lower body temperature, his head pillowed on her thigh as he inserted another cool finger into her burning core, slowly stroking her and curling his digits as she bucked wildly against him. Intense feelings of power and possession coursed through her while she watched him, as he continued to worship her with long fingers, lips, tongue and the occasional gentle graze of his teeth. He looked up at her through his fringe, his eyes hooded and filled with pure, intense need and with a twist of his fingers, she was flooded with liquid heat, the blinding light of galaxies and stars exploding behind her eyes.

As she came back to herself, she felt the Doctor's cool body behind her. He had moved to curl himself around the back of her, draping his long limbs around hers. His chin rested on the top of her head, and he stroked gently at her temple with one hand as her heart rate gradually slowed.

Rose pushed a damp lock of hair out of her eyes as she lay temporarily sated, rolling to face him. His eyes were dark and unfathomable as she watched him, hardly daring to breathe as he brought one of his wet fingers to his nose, closing his eyes and inhaling deeply before licking his fingers clean, pink tongue lapping at the web of skin in between. As he hummed his satisfaction, Rose could distinctly feel the hardness of him pressed up against her thigh. "Doctor?" she breathed. "Do you... I m-mean," she stammered, suddenly shy.

He wiped his fingers off on the orange-red robe that still clung to her shoulders, not meeting her gaze. "I want, I mean - well." He shuddered as she curled her fingers around his erection. "The bond - it'd be consummated," he rasped out as she began to stroke him. "Don't know if you - if that's what you w-want," he stammered, breath hitching as Rose continued to gently fondle him. "Gallifreyans - they, we...."

Rose found his awkward hesitation endearing and shifted up to kiss him, tasting the musk of her climax on his lips and tongue. It was intensely erotic, and she could feel her desire beginning to flicker back to life.

He broke the kiss, murmuring in her ear. "We m-mate for life - in the mind. Not just the body."

"So I'd be stuck with you then."

He nodded, swallowing hard, seemingly unable to speak.

"And you wouldn't be so alone," Rose added, watching as his eyes slid shut.

"N-no," he managed to get out. "I don't expect - I mean, I'll understand if you don't...."

Rose brought both hands up to twine around his neck, pressing her hips flush against his. "I want you. 'M never leaving you."

The Doctor groaned, his mouth descending to her neck. "Sure - you're sure?" he murmured, his teeth grazing her pulse.

"More than anything." She shrieked with delight as he attacked her neck with mock ferocity, nipping and biting at her collarbone as he rolled her beneath him, shifting his hips to bring his hard cock into contact with her wet curls. Reaching a hand between their bodies, she guided him to her entrance, gasping as he slid inside of her with minimal resistance.

"Oh. Ohhhhh - Rose." The Doctor began to babble incoherently into her shoulder, his speech punctuated with small gasps and groans. "Hot - burning - Rose, you're burning. And wet, ohhhhhhh...."

Rose could feel the effort he was making to hold himself still, to allow her to adjust to his intrusion. Her breasts brushed against his cool chest, her nipples hardening as she lifted her legs to lock her ankles behind his back, drawing him deeper. He began to move inside of her, shifting his angle and oh, Doctor.

He withdrew from her and plunged back inside, filling and stretching her. As he groaned loudly, Rose gently rocked her hips against his, concentrating on the amazing feel of him sliding in and out. She could feel every inch of him inside of her and she buzzed with pleasure.

His hands gripped the backs of her knees, and he thrust rapidly into her, deeper and harder. Rose clenched down, tightening the grip of her thighs on him as she gyrated her hips. She smiled as the Doctor gasped, throwing his head back and moaning her name. The pressure in her lower abdomen was building quickly, and she gripped the bedding beneath her tightly in her fists. His movements were becoming more erratic, but were still intensely pleasurable. One of his hands slipped from her knee to move between her legs, pressing against her clit. Her hips bucked up against him as he plunged deep inside her, driving her into the soft confines of the bedding. She was beyond caring about how loudly she was screaming as the wave of her second climax ripped through her, catching her unawares.

Rose came to slowly, realizing that the Doctor was still moving within her. He was babbling again, in the beautiful language that she didn't understand. She slowly brought a hand to his face as he slammed roughly into her, his hands on her hips as he buried himself to the hilt inside of her. She gasped as he moved against her sensitive clit, pulling back slightly.

"Please," he groaned raggedly into the hollow of her neck. "Stay with me - don't go...."

"'M never gonna leave you," Rose murmured to him, bringing her arms up to clutch at his shoulders. "Not going anywhere." As she pulled him closer to her body, an alarming thought suddenly crossed her mind.

The artron.

Both Lyra and the Doctor had said that she didn't absorb it, but remembering the glittery golden energy produced by the Doctor's extraction began to fill her with panic. "Doctor?" she managed to squeak out between his thrusts. "What - what about the artron?"

He continued to move within her, becoming more and more erratic. "No soporific. It'll be - ok. You'll see...."

Her thoughts splintered into a thousand fragments as his mouth closed over her breast, sucking gently with each thrust. Her nerves were again set aflame, her skin still exquisitely sensitive to his touch. She felt her muscles trembling as he reared up, pausing for just a moment above her, moving his hands up to either side of her head to anchor himself. Dropping to his elbows, he quickly slid his fingertips back to her temples, his blazing dark eyes capturing hers as he looked down at her, speaking again in his beautiful melodic language. He cried out as he thrust deep within her.

Tendrils of golden warmth and achingly bright pleasure pulsed through her body, filling her with a languid, exquisite heat. She could see a golden glow behind her closed eyelids and she blinked them open to look at him, wanting to see his face in climax.

He wasn't there. She was lying on her back in her meadow, tall blades of grass tickling the backs of her thighs.

Great, she thought, realizing that she was also completely naked. She sat up, wondering if this meant that the Doctor's 'extra senses' had completely returned. She glanced around, not seeing any sign of him.

A clap of lightning coupled with booming thunder caught her attention. As she looked up into the sky above, her jaw dropped as the dense clouds began to roll and boil, a sky the color of burnt orange peeking through the gaps in between.

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