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Tenth Doctor
To Have And Not To Hold by mtemplar [Reviews - 266] Printer Chapter or Story
Author's Notes:
Onze: 'Kiss me, I'm dying....'

Kiss him.

Rose was almost positive that whatever jiggery-pokery Lyra had done inside of her mind to make her thoughts understandable was failing. She looked back at the Sister in silent question.

Rose Tyler, please do as I say - there is no time to waste. The Time Lord believes that he will soon regenerate and that his ship is no more. He must be calmed before the extraction can proceed.

"You think he'll calm down just because I'm familiar? Why can't I just talk to him?" Rose asked, as the Doctor continued to struggle against the group of Sisters restraining him.

He will calm because he is bonded to you.

"What?" Rose was now sure that she wasn't hearing Lyra's voice in her head correctly. "Bonded? What are you talking about?"

When I probed his mind, I could see the bond. It is weak, but exists. The Time Lord more than likely does not realize its presence.

"You mean, the fact that we're friends? Something like that?" Rose questioned, trying to ignore another pained cry from behind her.

No. The Time Lord is mated, but his mate is no more. He subconsciously seeks another and has begun the process with a bonding - to you.

Rose sat still for a moment, trying to digest this information, feeling her heart pounding erratically in her chest. It seemed silly - the Doctor had never shown any interest in her in that way, or given any indication.... The only time she'd had any contact with him of an intimate nature, with him not being drugged, of course, was when her body had been possessed by Cassandra on New Earth. She had kissed him then, but Cassandra had been the one in control, not her. The Doctor had never mentioned the kiss afterward, and she assumed he had done so to save her from embarrassment. Now she wasn't so sure.

She looked over her shoulder, seeing that the Doctor was still fighting the group of Sisters attempting to restrain him. A thin sheen of sweat was on his brow, and his breath came in short pants. Rose was sure that she hadn't been wrong about the exact nature of their relationship. They were friends, companions - nothing else. When they had run into his previous companion, Sarah Jane, and she'd asked him if he would eventually leave her behind as well, he'd told her why he avoided close relationships, avoided love. With the prospect of assisting in the Doctor's seduction staring her in the face, and the newfound knowledge that there was some kind of 'bond' between them, she hesitated. Rose knew that he'd consented to the extraction, but he had not known that she might be involved in the process. If she cooperated with the Sisters, her relationship with the Doctor would change - but into what, she didn't know.

Rose Tyler. My Sisters are dying. You must help us - please!

Then again, surely the Doctor wouldn't be upset over one kiss? That was all the Sisters were asking for, after all. One kiss. She could handle that. Of course, when all this was over, things might be awkward between them for a little while, and she'd be nursing a broken heart all over again, but it would eventually pass. It always did.

Steeling her nerves, she turned around and closed the short gap between herself and where the Doctor lay, still tossing and twisting. The Sisters actively involved in restraining him looked at her quizzically as she approached. Rose noted with a small amount of satisfaction that Melina was frowning. The soft candlelight of the chamber brought out the rich chestnut of the Doctor's tousled hair, contrasting with the paleness of his skin. The light dusting of freckles across the bridge of his nose and cheekbones only added to his charm. One of the Sisters had drawn the sheet back up to his waist at some point during his struggle, but she could see enough of his unclothed form to be greatly appreciative. He had the physique of a dancer, lithe and graceful. She could easily imagine his elegantly long limbs entwined about hers and quickly dashed the thought, a strange flutter in her chest.

Kiss him. His Time Lord senses are blocked and he is fully under the influence of the soporific. If the formulation is correct, his human side should not be able to refuse his feelings for you. You won't be able to telepathically stimulate him as Sisters Melina and Riza did, but there should be no need.

The Doctor was continuing to thrash and Rose's heart went out to him. She gently laid a hand on his chest, feeling the rapid beats of his hearts under her palm. "Shhhhhh," she soothed. "I'm here." Taking a deep breath, she cupped his cheek to still him long enough to place a chaste kiss at the corner of his mouth.

He quieted almost immediately, his eyes fluttering open and a shocked expression on his face. "Rose?" he rasped out, continuing in a musical language that she couldn't understand.

"Doctor - I can't understand what you're saying," Rose said quietly, taking in the dilation of his eyes. Only a thin rim of chocolate remained at the periphery.

He blinked, looking momentarily confused before his face contorted in anguish. "Rose - the TARDIS - can't sense her - she's gone!"

Rose wanted nothing more than to comfort him, to stroke her fingers through his hair and assure him that everything would be fine. She settled for touching him lightly on his shoulder. "'S ok - the TARDIS is right where you left it. You just can't feel her right now."

He seemed to consider this, remaining quiet while the Sisters released him and slowly moved back. Once he was freed, though, he tried to roll up on one side to face Rose but was unsuccessful. "Can't sense - she's all that I had left - can't sense her. Going to change - can feel it." He arched off the linen, gasping. "Need to move - you need to stay back," he said haltingly between shuddering breaths.

She shifted from her knees to sit beside him, patting his arm and feeling somewhat awkward. "Doctor, Lyra said that you're not going to regenerate. She said it was the artron that you're feeling." Rose could see that he still gritted his teeth and wondered if any of what she was saying was getting through to him. "Doctor?"

"The TARDIS?" he inquired, looking up at her with pleading eyes.

Rose gave up her pretense and began to smooth his ruffled hair away from his eyes, watching as his eyes slid shut with her touch. "They've blocked some of your - senses? Your link to the TARDIS, too."

The Doctor began to squirm again, his eyes screwed shut and teeth clenched. "Hot - burning up. Never said - they never said - they'd block. Feels - like I'm blinded. So hot - " He fought to speak coherently, rolling toward Rose.

Rose continued to stroke his forehead lightly and as she watched, a faint glimmering golden trail formed where her fingers had been. The Doctor tossed restlessly, beginning to moan at the contact.

Kiss him! His artron has activated - he will continue to be distressed until it is mobilized and extracted - you must distract him!

Mustering up her courage, Rose bent forward and kissed the Doctor full on the lips. She felt his sharp intake of breath, his eyes opening wide and eyebrows arching up into his hairline.

"Rose, I...."

She leaned in for another kiss, catching him open-mouthed this time. Lyra had said in her mind that he might not be aware of a bond, at least not yet. Rose slid her lips softly along his, trying to coax a response out of him.

It didn't come. Her kiss wasn't returned and she pulled back, watching as he opened his mouth, then closed it, regarding her with a strangely dark, intense gaze.

"I can't...."

She hung her head, trying desperately not to cry. Lyra had seemed sure, so sure that he would respond to her. Obviously she'd been mistaken. The Doctor had told her before on several occasions that he avoided 'domestics' and she should have listened, to avoid this horrible, empty pain she could now feel building in the center of her chest. Hot tears gathered at the corners of her eyes and began to spill down her cheeks. "'M sorry...won't do it again," she managed to mumble, her voice cracking.

"I can't stop myself...." With an extreme effort, the Doctor pushed himself up on shaky arms and twisted toward her to press his lips to hers.

Rose's mouth dropped open in shock. He was kissing her...he was actually kissing her - he was obviously under the influence of the soporific, but still....

"Please," the Doctor implored, his voice ragged. He collapsed back down to the rock, taking Rose with him. She landed heavily on his chest and lay there for a moment, listening to his racing hearts. She quite suddenly became aware of his fingers stroking and shifting at her temples, his lips pressing against her forehead.

"Doctor?" she whispered.

He groaned loudly as he buried his hands in her hair and moved his lips to hers. Any coherent thoughts Rose might have had went out the window as the Doctor deepened the kiss, tentatively lapping at her mouth with his tongue. He tasted of honeyed flowers, heady and sweet. She realized it must be remnants of the soporific and wondered if enough remained to affect her, but banished the thought as he continued to kiss her deeply and tenderly. It was as though he'd been wanting to do so for a long while and now that he was being allowed to, he was going to savor it for as long as it lasted.

The Doctor eventually broke the kiss, moaning quietly. Rose looked into his hooded eyes and swallowed hard at the raw need she saw reflected in their dilated depths. He shuddered under her gaze, and she could feel him trembling from trying to keep himself under control.

Rose Tyler, Sister Ohica's patience runs short. She is asking Sister Melina to assist you or take over bringing the Time Lord to climax.

Sitting up, Rose looked over to where Ohica and Melina stood, deep in conversation. Melina turned her head to look at Rose, a smug expression on her face. "No!" Rose exclaimed. "She's not putting a hand on him! Just - just tell me what I need to do," she said softly, her voice wavering.

Lyra turned back to Ohica, conversing animatedly. Ohica looked at Rose, frowning.

His human side is in control now that his Time Lord traits are blocked. He should respond as such. You will need to touch him.

Rose felt her cheeks color in embarrassment. "What, you mean under the sheet?" She tried to briefly ignore the Doctor as he murmured something that she couldn't understand and grasped one of her hands, nipping at her palm.

He will need to be uncovered for the extraction. If you do not feel that you can bring him to climax, Sister Melina has indicated her willingness. She has no bond to him, though, so he will not respond as quickly or thoroughly -

"No!" Rose quickly interrupted Lyra's voice in her head. She looked down at the Doctor, who was now licking and sucking at her fingers. "She can't have him!" She lowered her voice, looking directly at Lyra. "I'll - I'll do it, but I want all of them - except you, Lyra - to get back!"

But we will need to collect the elixir -

"I mean it - GET BACK!" Rose watched as Lyra addressed the rest of the Sisters, who began to move away, looks of confusion on many of their faces.

When Rose felt that the Sisters were far enough away to afford the Doctor some semblance of privacy, she slowly drew the sheet down, exposing him to her view. He was beautiful, his skin smooth, like something that had been born yesterday. A smattering of soft downy hair covered his chest, his lithe form glistened with a thin sheen of sweat and a faint glow of gold. His breath hitched as she ghosted her hand down his side. His state of arousal was very evident and she felt her heart race uncomfortably. Steeling her resolve, she lay down beside him, her hand moving lower.

She smiled softly at the look of rapture that was apparent on the Doctor's face as she tentatively took his cock into her hand. He turned his head to nuzzle at her neck, then began to pant as Rose began to stroke him lightly, the trails of glowing gold on his skin intensifying. He whimpered as her touch grew increasingly provocative.

He is very close. The artron mobilizes. You will need to move away from him when he climaxes.

Rose wanted nothing more than to ignore Lyra's voice in her head, to draw out the Doctor's pleasure as much as she could, but he began to thrust erratically into the confines of her hand, moaning softly. She watched as his face contorted in pleasure, and he cried out, his body arching off the linen-covered rock. Golden, glittering light suddenly blazed in the chamber....

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