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Tenth Doctor
To Have And Not To Hold by mtemplar [Reviews - 266] Printer Chapter or Story
Author's Notes:
Thank you everyone for your kind reviews - both here and on my fic journal. They are greatly appreciated!

Dix: Seducing a Time Lord....

"Do you trust me?"

Rose turned away from the opening in the rock, momentarily reliving the fear she had felt while on board the alien spaceship at Christmas. She had been entirely reliant on the UNIT translator to communicate with the Sycorax leader until the Doctor had recovered from his post-regenerative trauma. Then again, she had been able to understand the Doctor during his brief moments of lucidity. She wavered, considering her options as Lyra waited for her response. Rose knew that the Doctor was able to speak English, but she had no idea what state he'd be in after whatever the 'extraction' process entailed. What would she do if he needed help? And for that matter, how would she know? She gritted her teeth together as she made her decision. "All right - I trust you. What do I need to do? Just let you in my head?"

"It is not that simple, Rose Tyler - there are a few things I can try, but we must be quick before the link between the Time Lord and his ship is blocked."

"Just do it, then." Rose closed her eyes, steeling herself for the by-now-familiar pain in her temples that a connection with the Sisters generally caused. She wasn't disappointed. After the initial pain faded, she could feel a slight warming sensation with the contact and was startled to realize that she could hear the faint humming of the TARDIS in her head. Just as suddenly, though, it was gone. She chanced a peek at Lyra's face, noting that her eyes were closed, the frown on her face making the new wrinkles seem much more prominent. "Lyra?" she whispered, "What was that?"

Sighing, Lyra dropped her fingers from Rose's temples. "I attempted to make contact with the Time Lord's ship, but the connection is being refused. I am too weak for another attempt, but there is something else we could try."

Rose nodded, closing her eyes, preparing herself for the inevitable pain. She felt Lyra's fingers at her temples again and suddenly it seemed that she was viewing her entire childhood. Images flashed before her eyes in rapid succession, including one of her first Doctor, when he had sat next to her infant self in a carrier and lectured her about not bringing about the end of the world. She smiled softly at the memory as she felt Lyra's fingers slip from her temples. Lyra sat back on her heels, a haggard look on her face. "Lyra?" Rose hissed in alarm. "Are you all right?"

Lyra closed her eyes briefly, looking extremely weary. "I am well, Rose Tyler - just tired. It would have been much easier to keep your link to the Time Lord's ship open, had it allowed us to, than it was to attempt to link my thoughts to your mind's speech centers."

Rose blinked in surprise. "Were you - were you able to do it?"

"I am not sure. You will have to give me a moment, Rose Tyler. I am extremely fatigued. I do not think I have the reserves for another attempt at this time, I am sorry."

"'S ok," Rose watched as Lyra sat heavily, leaning against the side of the small fissure they currently occupied. "Just rest. Try to get your strength back."

"Thank you, Rose Tyler," Lyra said quietly, closing her eyes again. "I just need a moment."

Rose turned her attention back to the opening in the rock, barely able to see the Doctor's still form through the circle of orange-red robes around him. His head was still cradled in Melina's lap, her fingers pressed firmly to his temples. The volume of the Sisters' chanting increased, and Rose watched as the Doctor once again tried to dislodge Melina's grasp, his body arching off the linen-covered rock. Riza scooted forward, placing a hand on his chest to still his effort. Rose fought back a wave of profound jealousy as Riza's touch became a caress, her hand trailing slowly down the Doctor's pale chest and abdomen. Riza briefly ran her hand over the sheet-covered lower portion of his body, frowning as she did so.

"His response is slow, High One," Riza reported, returning her hand to the Doctor's bare chest and stroking softly.

"Give it time, Sister Riza - Sister Melina has yet to complete her task. Regardless of the status of our other Sisters, we cannot rush him." Ohica was frowning as she moved to Melina's side.

"It is almost completed, High One," Melina said quietly to Ohica, her eyes remaining closed. "His connection to his ship is unusually strong and it is taking longer than I had anticipated - " she paused as the Doctor gasped, a look of pain crossing his features. "Just a moment more - " Melina fought to maintain contact with the Doctor's temples as he began to toss restlessly. As he slowly relaxed, Melina released her grip, addressing Ohica in a series of melodious tones. Rose's eyes widened as she realized that the Doctor's connection to the TARDIS was now gone. She glanced over to where Lyra was still leaning against the side wall of the fissure, apparently asleep. Rose frowned, reluctant to disturb her, and turned her attention back to the Doctor.

The Sisters seemed to have no further need of their circle, and Rose guessed that whatever 'extra senses' the Doctor possessed were now completely blocked. Her suspicion seemed to be confirmed as she watched Melina slowly ease the Doctor's head from her lap and shift over to his side, opposite to where Riza was. Ohica had moved as well, and was now addressing the remaining Sisters. She appeared to be giving instructions, and Rose watched as the Sisters hurried to position the large earthen vessels not far away from the Doctor's feet. They seemed to be placing them very deliberately, and Rose began to wonder just how they were going to collect the Doctor's artron. A soft groan interrupted her train of thought, and she looked back over to see Melina dropping soft kisses to the Doctor's face and neck, before gently guiding his mouth to hers. Dismay flooded through her as she watched him hesitantly return her kiss, bringing both of his hands up to her shoulders. Riza began to softly massage the skin at his temples, and Rose watched as the Doctor turned from Melina to lick and nip at Riza's fingers. Melina grasped his chin and gently turned his face back to her, kissing him deeply. Was this how one seduced a Time Lord? She guessed that the soporific must have a great deal to do with it, as she'd never known the Doctor to be the type to...dance.

Rose's thoughts were interrupted again as she saw that the Doctor had broken away from Melina's kiss and was muttering softly in a musical-sounding language, somewhat similar to the Sisters'. Rose's relief at seeing him resist Melina was short-lived as she realized that she couldn't understand what he was saying either. She watched as he weakly tried to roll away from Melina, only to have Riza pull him into another deep kiss, continuing her massage of his left temple as she did so. Melina scooted up behind him, stroking gentle circles over his abdomen with one hand and restraining his arm with the other. As Melina continued her delicate ministrations, Rose could see the beginnings of a faint, glittery golden trail on the Doctor's pale skin that marked where Melina's hand had been. The sheet had ridden low, displaying the Doctor's lithe, slender frame, flat abdomen and the prominent crests of his hips. He was beginning to moan softly, giving a loud groan as Melina's hand slipped under the sheet. It undoubtedly wouldn't be long until.... Rose quickly turned away in frustration, wiping at her eyes with the back of her least grimy hand.


"Lyra? What --" Rose saw that Lyra seemed to have recovered somewhat, but still looked extremely fatigued.

You can hear me? Do you understand?

"Yes?" Rose responded. She realized that she could hear Lyra's voice in her head, even though the Sister hadn't actually spoken. "I can hear you - you're talking English!"


Rose watched as Lyra's eyes closed again and she tried to block out the noises that she could hear the Doctor making - noises that sounded...distressed? She quickly looked back through the opening to see Melina and Riza being joined by additional Sisters in an attempt to subdue the now struggling Doctor.

Rose - we do not have much time.

Rose turned back to give Lyra her attention. Her eyes remained closed, a serene expression on her face.

I cannot maintain this contact with you for long - it is too much of a drain on my system right now.

Rose swallowed hard as she heard the Doctor's loud, pained cry - followed by what sounded like rapid, agonized speech. "What's wrong, Lyra? What's happened? Is he ok?"

It is difficult to understand him, but he is fearful - he thinks he will regenerate. It is a common reaction to one of the elements within the soporific. I believe is telling my Sisters to move away from him.

Rose blinked back tears, remembering how her first Doctor had yelled for her to stay away - just before his body was consumed by golden energy and he had changed. "But - I thought you said that this wouldn't hurt him...."

He will not regenerate. It is the mobilization of the artron that he is feeling.

Rose hung her head. "So it's almost over then?"

No. He resists - he is no longer responding to my Sisters.

"What?" Rose questioned. "I thought that the new soporific of yours and that blocking thing that Melina did --"

Do not be alarmed. I may have the solution.

Rose gritted her teeth, turning back to the opening. The Doctor was still struggling vainly against a multitude of Sisters, while Ohica was trying to press her fingers to his temples. Her eyes widened as she suddenly saw Lyra in her peripheral vision, slowly approaching the group. "Lyra, no!" she hissed. She watched helplessly as Ohica rose and approached Lyra, speaking to her in their melodic language. The other Sisters were watching intently.

Suddenly, Ohica was looking right at her through the opening in the rock, and Rose felt a stab of fear. She scrambled backwards in the dirt to get away from the opening, quickly reaching the fissure's entry and preparing to run. To where, though, she had no idea, as she didn't think she'd be able to find her way back to the TARDIS. Rose paused, realizing that she couldn't just leave the Doctor - she had to try to help him regardless of how afraid she was.

A moment later, she realized that her brief hesitation may have cost her her freedom, as her arms were grasped and she was brought to her feet by two of the Sisters. She tried to dig her heels into the dirt but to no avail as she was dragged, kicking and struggling, to be dumped in an unceremonious heap at Ohica's feet. Ohica addressed her in a low voice, narrowing her eyes as she did so. As Rose blinked in confusion, Lyra touched Ohica's arm, gesturing toward Rose, seeming to explain about something. Ohica's eyes widened briefly and Rose waited, fervently hoping that the Sisters wouldn't throw her in the nearest convenient dungeon. Ohica turned, giving what sounded like orders, and Rose found herself hauled to her feet again - only this time, she was dragged over to where the Doctor was being restrained by several of the Sisters. His eyes were tightly shut and a grimace marred his features as he continued to toss and twist. As Rose was pushed down to the rock by the Sisters, she looked back to where Lyra stood, a questioning look on her face. Lyra nodded to her.

Kiss him.

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